12 Reasons why trampolines are a great source of exercise

Do we use trampolines in Pilates?

Although we do not offer bounce classes specifically, we do use it as a prop in our Mat and Small Equipment classes, along with 2 other very popular pieces of equipment, which is the TRX and Ballet Barre, amongst a host of a big variety of other apparatus used in our studio.  The trampoline is used as a result of the myriad of benefits provided.

What are the benefits of trampolines?

    1. A rewarding way of losing weightTrampolines for exercise
    2. Helps with lymphatic flow throughout the body
    3. Increases detoxification
    4. Boosts the immune system
    5. Reduces cellulite
    6. Increase bone mass
    7. Aids in oxygen circulation which allows for you to feel more energized
    8. Exercises the whole body, without putting strain on the limbs
    9. Overall improvement in posture and balance
    10. Increase in muscle tone
    11. Helps improve cardiovascular health
    12. Helps relieve menstrual discomfort in woman

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