If You Are Pregnant, Pilates Classes Can Offer You These 7 Benefits

Are you expecting a child and wondering what type of activity you can do that is healthy for you and safe for your unborn baby? Well, for pregnant women, there are few activities as beneficial as Pilates. Here are some of the benefits you can expect when signing up for these classes:

  1. Keep Your Weight at A Healthy Level

Maintaining their weight is something many pregnant women worry about. Suddenly, your eating habits are very different, and you cannot move around as easily as before. Yet, you still want to look after your health. Pilates offers a perfect solution for staying active in a safe way.

  1. Strengthen Your Pelvic Muscles

When you are pregnant, the weight of the baby can weaken your pelvic floor. Pilates can help with the support and strengthening of these muscles, reducing the risk of incontinence.

  1. Strengthen Your Abdominal Muscles

Many of the exercises are focused on your core muscles, which will help you to strengthen your stomach muscles even during the later stages of pregnancy. This is also probably the stage during which stronger core muscles will be most useful — see the next two points.

  1. Support Your Back

Back pain and discomfort are common complaints during pregnancy. When you strengthen your abdominal and pelvic muscles, you improve your core, which leads to more support, better posture, and generally, less back pain.

  1. Have Better Balance

Your body changes significantly and rapidly during pregnancy. For many women, this affects their balance when getting up or walking around. Increased core strength will improve your balance.

  1. Reduce the Strain of Everyday Movements

Because of the changes in a woman’s body, including the shape and weight distribution, some everyday movements might suddenly become difficult, uncomfortable, or even painful while pregnant. Pilates will teach you positions to help you reduce the strain or weight on your lower back and pelvis when moving around.

  1. Relax

With all the changes to a woman’s body during pregnancy, combined with concern about the baby and the life changes that are to come, many women are subject to a lot more stress than they might realise. Exercise in itself helps to counter the effects of stress, while attending classes provides a change in scenery and a sense of self care, which is vital during pregnancy.

If you are pregnant and interested in taking Pilates classes, contact Pilates Dynamics. We are a personal training boutique facility that specialises in a number of classes, including professional Pilates classes for pregnant women. We would love to be a part of your beautiful journey.