For many of us, Pilates is a life-changing exercise method. If your exercise background has been the typical gym workouts focussed on strength and cardio training, and you are looking for an alternative full-body workout, then look no further than Barre Pilates. 

Barre Pilates is a popular workout program that is rapidly gaining recognition and followers. This fitness program is essentially a mixture of ballet-inspired exercises, Yoga and Pilates. The Barre method derives from the Lotte Berk Method founded in 1959 in London by its namesake, a German dancer looking to stay fit while nursing a back injury.

What Is Barre Pilates?

Barre Pilates uses your own body weight for resistance and focuses on small, deliberate movements focussed on specific groups of muscles, specifically muscles that aren’t used in other workouts. Muscles are worked to the point of fatigue, and then stretched for relief. Proper form, body alignment and posture is emphasized, which in turn leads to an overall strengthening of core muscles and an aligned, lean body.

Aerobic exercise is also used at times during Barre Pilates to increase cardiovascular endurance and the body’s metabolism to burn calories.  Additional equipment like free weights, unstable props and soft balls are also used to intensify muscle recruitment and challenge. 

Movements are functional for men and women as well as all ages and fitness levels.  Movements improve balance and body awareness to build strong, lean and healthy bodies. 

What Can I Expect During A Barre Pilates Class?

Do not be surprised if your legs are trembling during these classes as this is quite common and a sign that your muscles are working hard.  Getting to the point of shaking means that you have worked the muscles to fatigue.  If this sounds like your joints are under strain, do not be concerned.  Even though the Barre Pilates classes are tough, it is easy on your joints and will prevent and reduce injuries and will improve your posture.

Do I Need Any Equipment?

No equipment is needed.  The studio has a ballet barre – either free-standing or fixed.  Pilates Dynamics Studio also has a variety of small equipment that will be used in addition to the ballet barre, like free weights, soft balls, and balance equipment. 

What Are The Benefits Of Barre Pilates?

Barre Pilates, just like Pilates, focusses on enhancing posture through core strength, mobility, body alignment and balance.  The body is taken through all different planes of movement, which includes of lot of spinal articulation, allowing for greater range of movements. 

Regular barre workouts can increase your bone density, which can help prevent conditions like osteoporosis. They can also help you avoid injury. The small isometric muscle movements used during barre classes build muscle strength without putting a strain on ligaments and tendons like other fitness training methods can.

Mental benefits are like that of yoga and Pilates, as it effectively increases mind-body awareness and mental clarity. Focus and concentration are required to perform the small precise movements utilized in barre. Allowing your mind to concentrate solely on your technique increases feelings of relaxation and decreases stress levels. Endorphins released during physical activity increase your general sense of well-being.

What Will Barre Pilates Do For My Body Shape, Tone And Size?

Barre Pilates will work your thighs, glutes, and abdominals to fatigue.  On top of that you will burn serious energy and build long and lean muscle.  Building lean muscle means that you will burn calories even while at rest because your resting metabolic rate increases.  More important than the weight loss, you will improve your posture and muscle tone.

What Is The Difference Between Barre, Yoga And Pilates?

If you’re trying to decide which fitness method is best for you, or you think a mixture of all three would be ideal, consider Pilates classes at Pilates Dynamics. We incorporate the Barre together with a fusion of Yoga and Pilates to provide you with the best all round workout and benefits.

Finding A Class That Is Right For You

Making the commitment to start an exercise program is an exciting first step in improving your life through increased physical and mental health. After all, what better investment can you make than in yourself? If you’ve struggled with not having enough time, money, energy, or motivation to work out, push them aside and remember that you’re worth it. No excuses!

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