Full Body Posture Analysis 1
Full Body Posture Analysis 2

Body Posture Analysis (Individual private Assessments)

#1 Full Body Posture Analysis – R400 for a 1 hour session

A client’s posture provides much information regarding the natural state of their tissues. Through postural analysis it is possible to determine which areas of their body are under more strain than others, and which muscle groups are causing this strain. Any diseases need to be taken into account which will also affect the way in which the training programs are structured.


BALANCE which is one of the principles of pilates - can mean many different things, for instance: Balance in terms of strength vs flexibility; Being able to balance on 1 leg or on an unstable platform; Body symmetry; or a well-designed training program.  Musculo-skeletal balance and muscle efficiency are important factors for longevity and long-term health.  At every joint, the agonist-antagonist relationship of the muscles which support the joint need to be balanced. Joints need to be in a neutral position, since this is the safest position and our muscles can function at their maximum efficiency. A muscle is also able to generate it’s maximum force when the muscle is between 80 – 120% of it’s natural (neutral) resting length (Marieb, 2004). 

An individual body & postural assessment is an important consideration, especially if you have a history of injuries & pathologies – or purely for prevention of injury and balanced muscle development.  Specific programs are then developed for your needs and goals on an ongoing basis.


#2 Group class assessments: (R300 for a 45 minute private session)

The group assessments are slightly different to the above full body posture analysis, and this assessment is specifically devised for anyone wanting to join a group class, but who has not done pilates previously.  Before joining a group class it is vitally important to ensure that you are properly prepared for the class in order to prevent injury and to exercise optimally.  These assessments are also done to ensure that you are fit enough to join a group class immediately. If not, the Instructor may suggest a few private classes before joining a group class.


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