What is Boot Camp Supreme?

Boot Camp Supreme is a fun and exciting outdoor exercise programme for men and women.  Boot Camp Supreme is great for weight-loss and toning!  Boot Camp Supreme is held in our beautiful outdoor gardens with water features to achieve a healthier lifestyle. We incorporate the following equipment into our programmes: TRX’s; Battle ropes; Sandbags; Kettlebells; Trampolines; Thera bands; Resistance Bands; Looped Resistance Bands; Free Weights; Weighted Balls; Weighted Aerobic Bars; Big Stability Balls; Small Soft Balls; and more….

We provide the perfect fitness solution.  You will leave boot camp feeling healthier, more positive, and ready to take on the rest of the day or evening or relieve the stresses of the day.  We can tell you how great our facility is for you, or you could just come and see for yourself!!

What about Fitness levels?

Anyone from fitness enthusiasts to beginners of all shapes and sizes.

Is there a joining fee?

There are no joining fees.

What should I bring with?

A water bottle, running shoes and a towel.  We provide all the equipment, which ranges from functional exercises incorporating body weight and equipment like kettlebells, rocket bags, medicine balls, suspension straps, battle ropes, pull-up bars, TRX’s and many more.

How are the workout routines structured?

Weight loss, general strength and toning are all possible with Boot Camp from cardio to toning abs, arms, legs to pilates or circuit training……No day or workout is the same.  No more boring exercise sessions!

Can I expect to lose weight?

Drop a dress or pants size. You can expect improvement in centi-meters, weight loss and reduced body fat.