What is cardiolates?

Cardiolates combines the alignment principles of Pilates with the cardiovascular benefits of rebounding. This result in improved core strength, balance, coordination, and cardio (fat burn).

What is the origin of Cardiolates?

Cardiolates originated from a desire to find a cardio regime that upheld the alignment principles of Pilates.

Pilates tones muscles very effectively but lacks a cardiovascular component to burn unwanted fat. Rebounding makes up for that missing component by providing an aerobic workout that is very low impact, but assists in burning fat.

Why Cardiolates?

Cardiolates do not derail your Pilates training and it is a big complement to any other fitness routine that you practise! Essentially it realigns posture, rejuvenate the system and is a great way to burn fat effectively.

So, what does Cardiolates do?

It brings about cardiovascular health and improves cellular activities. This is because Cardiolates works on core strengthening and combines the postural benefits of Pilates. So you get the best of both worlds! The rebounding technique is used in Cardiolates, which will ensure your body is in its optimal posture while not compromising on toning the muscles and more.

What Benefits can I expect to see?

• You will see your fat melt away!
• Your immune system will be boosted
• Both your balance and posture will improve.
• Increases in bone density, stronger bones = fitter body!
• Improves your blood & oxygen circulation.
• It is fun, with no impact unlike typical cardio exercises.

All our fitness classes are conducted by qualified instructors and are held in small groups for better focus.

How do I sign up?

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