Certified Pilates Teacher Training Courses

Pilates Dynamics offers Internationally recognized and fully certified Pilates Teacher Training Courses, should you wish to become a Pilates Instructor.

What is the course recognition and accreditation?

– Our courses have been allocated CPD points (Continuing Professional Developing point system) by REPSSA, who is the Register of Exercise Professionals in South Africa, which recognizes qualifications and expertise. REPSSA sets an international standard bench-mark and run across the whole of Europe, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, U.A.E., Canada, Belgium, Poland, USA, and South Africa.

– Pilates Dynamics is affiliated to the Pilates Education Institute in the USA which is a worldwide Pilates Educator with a renowned curriculum utilized in the USA and abroad.

– Our courses are recognized by the Pilates Education Association, which is a 3rd party non-profit organization whose purpose it is to establish quality within the international Pilates community to ensure safety and maintain high standards.

– Our Courses are in line with the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) requirements.  This institution is a professional agency that provides 3rd party Pilates Certification testing to establish legitimacy and compatibility with teaching and safety standards established by a range of experts in the international field of Pilates to ensure International Pilates standards. 

– Our Courses are accredited by BASA (Biokinetics Association of South Africa.)

1. Pilates Mat Course – PPB008/B002/2019/00665 Level 2 – 24 CPD points

2. Pilates Comprehensive course – PPB008/B002/2020/00678 – Level 2 – 30 CPD points

What Pilates Teacher Training Courses are offered by Pilates Dynamics?

1. Pilates Mat & Small Equipment

-Mat Levels 1; 2 & 3 (basic to advanced);

-History of Pilates;

-Code of ethics & practice;

-Guidelines for teaching and professionalism;


-Faulty posture patterns;

-Injuries & pathologies;

-Exercise recommendations & contra-indications;

-Exercise adaption (variations & modifications);

-Muscle and goal description per exercise;

-Various use of props & small equipment (incl. Barre & TRX);

-Program flow & program examples; and

-Teaching & cueing skills

2. Pilates Comprehensive Course

This is the FULL COURSE comprising of the Mat & Small Equipment above and the Pilates Large Equipment (Machines);




-Ladder Barrel

-Arc Barrels

(Basic to advanced levels)

NB: The Pilates Mat and Small Equipment Teacher Training Course runs in conjunction with the Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training Course and starts on the 4th of September 2020

3. Pilates Comprehensive Conversion Course

Recognition of prior learning is granted to students wishing to obtain their Comprehensive qualification who are in possession of a Pilates Mat qualification.

NB: The Comprehensive Conversion course starts on the 23rd of October 2020.

This course covers the Pilates Large Equipment (Machines);




-Ladder Barrel

-Arc Barrels

(Basic to advanced levels)

More reasons why you should do the courses?

Doing our internationally recognized and certified Pilates Courses will set you a step above the rest as a recognized professional and equip you to commence training as a confident and knowledgeable teacher. We teach you how to instruct and not only what to instruct.

Our knowledgeable and experienced Lecturer has 14 years of experience. She has been exposed to various styles of Pilates both nationally and internationally over the years and have a wealth of information to share with you.

A students’ success primarily depends on the commitment and the willingness to go the distance, regardless of previous experience. Our team of seasoned trainers are available to guide you through the process and assist you in reaching both your personal best and the high standards that we require.

How do I sign up for the Pilates courses?

Click on the following link, for more information; https://pilatesdynamics.co.za/pilates-teacher-training-courses/

Alternatively, contact us on 072 999 2229 or email on info@pilatesdynamics.co.za