Dynamic Barre Workshop - Pilates Dynamics

Dynamic Barre Pilates Workshop

Dynamic Barre Workshop - Pilates Dynamics

Brief Description of the Training


Dynamic Barre Workshop - Pilates Dynamics.

  • The workshop will involve the topic of Ballet Barre Postures and functional movements along with muscle focus and objectives to improve body awareness, strength, flexibility and mobility of both the muscles surrounding/supporting the joints of the body as well as the larger muscle groups, while emphasizing the importance of both high repetition of small range-of-motion movements to bring in the cardiovascular aspect of the barre training as well as core stability and balance.
  • In this workshop we will be making use mainly of the Ballet Barre - a prop to balance while doing exercises that focus on isometric strength training (holding your body still while you contract a specific set of muscles) with the use of auxiliary equipment (light weights, small balls & Thera-bands) as well as the Mat for floor work.
  • The workshop also discusses harnessing the power of music during exercise to keep you motivated and energized.


Objectives of the Course

  • The workshop is for Instructors who want to broaden their fitness regimes and expand their knowledge on how to teach and incorporate barre routines into their classes, programs and studios. The workshop is set to focus on fundamental postures and movements inspired by Ballet with the use of other disciplines such as Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, HIIT etc. to compile and execute an entire class dedicated to toning, sweating, stretching and sculpting bodies into shape – in a safe environment.


Lesson Plan

  • The workshop will be an applied practical session.  The course attendees will each receive a set of in-depth training notes, with space for their own notes and observations.
  • Attendees will also each have a chance to experience what Barre is all about and practise the various movements.
  • Postures, Muscle focus, Objectives and Terminologies will be covered.
  • Attendees will be taught how to compile a comprehensive program for a class, which will cover the following: warm-up; toning-cardio; floor work; and stretches.
  • Exercises include variation & modifications for different levels of fitness. The exercises range from basic to advanced yet are functional and can be adapted to each client’s preference and/or training needs and fitness levels.
  • Ballet terminology and Ballet positions are given and explained.
  • A program flow/choreography is given to attendees based on a Pilates program flow so that attendees can implement their exercise programs in a safe manner and make provision for a full body workout.
  • The role and importance of music is discussed, together with the type of music and tempo and ideas are given of where to find playlists with internet site addresses for down- loading purposes.


Main Aims and Learning Outcomes 

On completion of this course, Trainers will be able to:-

  1. Learn basic ballet postures, set up and movements.
  2. Introduce auxiliary equipment into their programs.
  3. Learn how to incorporate music into their Barre Program Flow.
  4. Understand the importance of posture, muscle focus and objective in Barre.

Learn how to structure and execute their own Barre programs into their classes and studios confidently.


Assessment Criteria Listed

  • Assessments will be practical and hands-on and all movements will be practised throughout this 4 hour course.
  • All movements and exercises will be repeated until the attendees feel comfortable and understand the movements.
  • A question and answer session will be held at the end of the program based on the theory and movements presented.


For more information visit our website: https://pilatesdynamics.co.za/workshops/