Earn money and travel the world with an Internationally Certified Pilates Instructor Qualification

Why an International Pilates Instructor Qualification?

With an Internationally Certified Pilates Instructor Qualification you have the freedom and independence to work anywhere in the world and make a living for yourself. Your working hours will also be flexible which is a BIG bonus.


Our courses are reputable and recognized/endorsed by various organizations and associations.

Why an International Pilates Instructor Qualification?

The Pilates Dynamics Teacher Training Centre offers the following TWO courses:

1. Pilates Mat & Props (100 hours)

  • Anatomy
  • Faulty posture patterns
  • Injuries & Pathologies
  • Exercise recommendations & contraindications
  • Exercise variations & modifications
  • Muscle focus & goal description per exercise
  • The use of props & small equipment
  • Program flow & program examples
  • Teaching cueing skills
  • Repertoire Mat Levels 1; 2; and 3

2.  Pilates Comprehensive (Mat & Props + Large Equipment) (450 hours)

  • Reformer; Cadillac; Chair; Ladder Barrels & ARC Barrels (basic to advanced levels)
  • Muscle imbalances & faulty movement patterns
  • Injuries & Pathologies
  • Pregnancy
  • Exercise variations & modifications
  • Muscle focus & goal description per exercise
  • Exercise recommendations & contraindications
  • Various use of props & small equipment
  • Program flow & program examples
  • Teaching cueing skills

NB: If you have already obtained your Mat qualification, you only be required to complete the Large Equipment section in order to obtain your Pilates Comprehensive Qualification.

For more information regarding our courses, click on the following link; https://pilatesdynamics.co.za/pilates-teacher-training-courses/

Are the courses offered Online or In-Studio?

Our courses are offered ONLINE & IN-STUDIO.  We use the same manual and course material, so whether you decide to do the course Online or In-Studio, the quality remains the same.  We provide support and assistance throughout the course.

Who are the Lecturers and what are their backgrounds and qualifications?

The Pilates Dynamics Internationally Recognised and Certified Teacher Training Program is led by Andriesa Verloop.  She is highly skilled and an Internationally qualified Pilates Teacher and Educator of many years, who has also been exposed to various Pilates styles.  Her team consists of a group of senior trainers with exposure both nationally and internationally, who have qualifications in BA Human Movement Science, Biokinetics BHSc (Hons), Personal Training and Professional Dance and Ballet.

Who are the courses endorsed/recognized by?

Our studio and courses comply with International and Local Education standards, as per below;

  1. Pilates Dynamics is an affiliate studio of the Pilates Education Institute (PEI) in the USA. The PEI is an Internationally recognized Teacher Training organisation of many years.
  2. We are a member of the Pilates Education Association (PEA) – A non-profit association in the USA which represents the International Pilates community and we are one of their registered Pilates Teacher Training School members (R-PTT) as well as a Registered Continuing Education Provider (R-CEP).
  3. Our course is endorsed by REPSSA (Register of Exercise Professionals South Africa).
  4. Our courses are recognized by BASA (The Biokinetics Association of South Africa).  The Pilates Mat course has been awarded 24 CPD points and the Pilates Comprehensive has been awarded 30 CPD points.
  5. We are in the process of obtaining Local Accreditation through CATHSETA, South Africa.  Our qualification will then be recognized as an NQF Level 5 Certificate and some of the course subjects taken will count as credits towards a Fitness Diploma (NQF Level 6).

What makes our courses different from the others?

  • We offer applied Anatomy for an understanding of how the body moves and works, complete with muscle focus and goals of exercises which are learnt throughout the repertoire.
  • Our courses are scientifically and holistically put together so you can obtain a full understanding of the reasons behind the exercises and the methodology.
  • Props and small equipment are integrated and used throughout the repertoire so that you understand the “when” and “why” and “how” to use the equipment to either modify or vary and challenge a client, which includes the TRX and Ballet Barre.
  • Injuries & Pathologies are integrated in the exercise repertoire.
  • We not only teach you what should be taught but also how to instruct.
  • Our Pilates Instructors are sought after due to the in-depth, detailed, and comprehensive knowledge and training acquired at Pilates Dynamics Teacher Training Centre.

What other benefits do we offer?

  • Discovery Vitality members gain 100 points for every Online class or lecture attended.
  • We offer free attendance of either Online or In-Studio classes to our students.

What does the next course start?

Our next Online course commences on the 4th of September 2020Be sure to register early to avoid disappointment.

How to register

To enquire/register, contact us on 072 999 2229 or via email on: info@pilatesdynamics.co.za

You are welcome to pop into our studio or explore our website: www.pilatesdynamics.co.za