Is Surprise the best element of Humour in Pilates? The answer is Yes!!! My Pilates Journey has been such a great process as I have learnt a lot. I always used to think that doing Pilates with Large Equipment like Reformers and Towers was the best way to go. Over the past year, I have learnt that the biggest misconception about Pilates is that Mat Pilates is boring.

Hi, my name is Jane, and my Pilates Journey goes a little like this……

I have always been into health and wellness and movement in general, so I decided to do Pilates. At the place I went, we had Mat Pilates, and it was not easy, but it was also not challenging. After a few months of attending classes, I felt bored with the same routine and the repetition of the same exercises and almost felt as though I could instruct a class having repeated the same exercises so many times.

My Pilates Instructor at the time moved away so I started hunting for a new place to have my classes. I even tried my hand at Cross Fit, then Weight training and Running, but all these exercise regimes felt short of something.

And that’s when I found Pilates Dynamics Studio on Social Media. In their Mat Posts they always had various equipment and that caught my eye because I was not used to seeing a Mat class with such a variety of equipment. If you also had no idea that Mat Pilates could be fun and challenging with the use of so many different types of Small Equipment like that at Pilates Dynamics, you are now informed.

The classes are fun and challenging and the fact that you never know which equipment you use
weekly makes the element of surprise even more motivating to never miss a class!!

Different Types of Pilates

Here are some of the Equipment we use during our Mat & Small Equipment Group Classes:

1. Kettlebells and Weights

It is rare for kettlebells and Pilates to be associated, but Pilates Dynamics makes it work. Kettlebells generally provide a whole-body workout that burns calories and

Pilates comes with a core-based strengthening routine to increase flexibility and
balance. Even though the weights are fairly light, I have noticed that they create extra stability work for the shoulders, pelvis, and core.

2. Ballet Barre and TRX

Yes, you read that right! Ballet Barres and TRX is a part of the Mat & Small Equipment
Classes at Pilates Dynamics. Barre Pilates are not just a regular ballet class. During our
classes, we get to incorporate different fun techniques borrowed from dance, yoga, and
strength training. During the classes, the Instructors make sure we are targeting our core
muscles like glutes, abs, obliques, and lower back. Phew, just typing that out is making
me feel the burn of the workout.

Don’t get me started with the TRX because it is one of my favourites to use during a Pilates
session. The best way to build a healthy fitness plan is to have a well-rounded series of
exercises from different sources and the TRX is just so perfect for a full-body workout.

3. Rebounding (Trampolines)

You should all see the look on my face when I enter the studio and I see rebounders set for
our Pilates Mat & Small Equipment classes. Somehow, the Instructors always make sure that
the exercises are gentle on the joints but allow us to work on our cardio without taxing the
body and you work up quite a sweat. LOVE IT❤

4. Balls – Big & Small, Thera-bands, Foam Rollers, Air Cushions, Arc and Step Barrels, Toning bars etc

Unfortunately, I cannot list all the equipment one by one but from the above information, you can see that there is variety in terms of the equipment used and it will really make you enjoy the classes more because each piece of equipment comes with its own set of challenges and when joined together, they form such a powerful Pilates Mat and Small Equipment class.

I have been enjoying the classes so much and I have decided to do my Qualification with Pilates
Dynamics as well. It will be a long journey, but I know it will be worth it because if I can gain the
confidence to teach Pilates as confidently as they do, it is going to be a blissful ride✨✨

Having a quality Pilates qualification to be a Pilates Instructor like the ones offered by Pilates Dynamics, will open the doors for you and will provide you with the ability to go overseas and work anywhere in the world as a top-notch and confident Pilates Instructor. Pilates Dynamics is the best Pilates Studio near you and is ready to help you tick off some of your new year’s resolutions and fitness regimes on your bucket list.

How do I contact Pilates Dynamics?

For more details on the classes and courses at Pilates Dynamics visit the website or contact them on
011-792 5459 or WhatsApp them on 072 999 2229.  You can also email them