Pilates is a form of chronology, it is a low impact exercise which combines breathing, awareness, control, centering and balance allowing for precise movement and technique which improves one’s strength and postural alignment. 


During Pilates we make use of various pieces of equipment such as a Magic Ring, Swiss ball, Barre, Poles, TRX, Kettle bells, Aerobic bars; Weights, Bosu, Air pillows, Trampolines, and the Reformer Pilates machine, just to name a few. One of the basic pieces of Pilates equipment in every Pilates studio is a Pilates magic ring also known as a Pilates circle, fitness circle, Pilates ring or just a magic circle. This apparatus allows for the Pilates class to be creative, fun and challenging. 


Pilates can be changed to with the use of various Pilates Props and Pilates Equipment, to either make your fitness workout more challenging, or to provide assistance and postural alignment.


Does Pilates rate high in terms of other fitness modalities like cross-fit and weight training?


Pilates rates highly in terms of Flexibility and Strength. It is the ideal cross training method for people engaging in Cross-Fit, and for all Sports women and men, since it strengthens the muscles around the joints and works on balancing muscles, strength and flexibility in the body. Pilates is a low-impact, full body workout. As a result of the focus on the core, do not be surprised if you start losing – not only weight – but centimeters as well, especially around the waist area. Pilates provides intense toning of muscles. 


Our Pilates Instructors and Personal Trainers also build in other types of exercises and cardio, should the goal of the client be weight loss. 


If you prefer Yoga, but you are not really good at it, then Pilates is the ideal method to strengthen the body and to provide the flexibility required in Yoga. 


What is a magic ring? 


Today we will focus on one of the many popular pieces of equipment that is found in a Studio, which is the very famous Pilates magic ring – it’s origin, benefits and why every studio owns one. 


This lightweight flexible circular shaped tool which is used for various classes in Pilates is referred to as a Pilates magic ring designed to provide a variable amount of resistance dependent on how hard it is squeezed. 

The Pilates magic ring holds great benefits when it comes to adding a challenge to the classic Pilates exercises. 


How is the Pilates circle made? 


There are plenty of magic circles on the market which are made from different materials but the most common Pilates magic ring is made from flexible metal, composite, or fiberglass that is covered by plastic, foam, rubber, or some type of molded padding.


Pilates rings are small, tension-packed rings that you can grip with your hands or squeezed between your thighs to complete a range of different resistance exercises. And since Pilates magic rings tend to be small and lightweight, they are an easy piece of fitness equipment to add to your routine.


The history of the magic ring? 


Legend has it that the Pilates magic ring was created by Joseph Pilates himself not using any of the fancy materials that we have at our disposal now but rather from materials such as beer barrels and wood. Joseph Pilates made use of the metal ring found around the beer barrel which he then contacted to 2 wooden blocks on each side. Time has allowed for the Pilates magic circle to evolve making it more comfortable to use. The main purpose was to create alignment for patients who struggled with alignment. Decades later this still remains the main purpose but along with the evolution of the Pilates magic circle the purpose of it has also evolved as well. 


Benefits of the magic ring?


  • Creates moderate resistance which improves muscle strength. 
  • Can assist with flexibility. 
  • It assists in Pilates movement control and stability. 
  • Builds strength by increasing muscle activity. 
  • Aids in joint mobility. 
  • Adaptable piece of equipment. You are easily able to add the Pilates magic ring to many of the classic Pilates movements. 
  • Can be used as an assistant prop promoting alignment and elongation. 


What is the common error when using a Pilates magic ring? 


Many assume that the ring needs to be squeezed to its maximal in order to be effective, but the slight amount of tension created during a little squeeze is all you need for increased tension and resistance which results in an increased muscle recruitment and strength. 


In conclusion, the Pilates ring is a great piece of equipment to gradually include in your exercise program – whether the goal is strength training or weight training- there are benefits in both categories. From stretching to strengthening your muscles, the Pilates magic ring is a one stop shop for portable resistance.


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