For many of us, Covid set back has been…a lot. When the new normal feels anything but normal, something has to give. Work, family obligations, or self-care may have taken a back seat on the to-do list. For some quarantine is used to up-level their fitness routines and document them as a tool for encouragement and for others, “it’s complicated.” Taking an occasional break from working out is healthy, but if your break is due to a lack of motivation or a general feeling of “why bother?” you may need to dig a little deeper to rekindle your relationship with exercise. Want to know if your “summer body” will be ready? Pilates Dynamics offers classes which can help you get your workout groove back.


There should be little to no reason to take a break from exercising, for example if you have been nursing an injury, a break can give your joints time to heal, If you have extra responsibilities due to the pandemic (such as Online schooling) you may simply not have enough hours in the day to keep up your routine. But most of us are just too anxious to enjoy even those activities that used to be pleasurable. Whatever caused your set back, it’s important to remember that exercising is one of the most effective remedies for anxiety and depression. 


If time management is the issue, we offer complete customized programs & classes to fit your needs and goals. 


Are Online Classes offered @Pilates Dynamics?


Pilates Dynamics offers Online classes either in groups or privately. Classes are scheduled according to your availability and due to the uprise in Covid cases, this might be a suitable platform for you in an intimate setting of your own.


Are you experiencing a “workout drought”? Pilates Dynamics can help you quench that thirst and you do not have to do it alone. This could mean scheduling an Online Duo class with a friend or even a Trio – or how about creating your own group class for your family. Committing to exercises during this season and current outbreak can be challenging, so a pal might come in handy to help keep you not just motivated but also accountable. 


How are our classes different from normal Gym classes?


Times have changed and so has the way we do things, from the way we shop, learn, and work, that exercise might look different or challenging as well. So instead of an intense heavy weight gym workout, try out a Pilates Online class in the comfort of our own space with Pilates Dynamics. We focus on all muscles that encourage your overall movement and functionality, to bring about balance in the body and thereby improving core strength and flexibility. Going to a normal gym can be overwhelming and uncomfortable when not guided correctly. At Pilates Dynamics we do not only offer advanced one-on-one sessions but also proper guidance according to your needs, goals and lifestyle. 


Are Online classes suitable and accessible for anyone? 


Think about how moving your body at regular intervals makes you feel, not just how it makes you look. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to pick up your groceries without feeling pain in your lower back? Or to be able to keep up with your kids at the park or on bike rides? Or how about just moving with ease throughout the day? Online classes at Pilates Dynamics are for everyone, from beginners to fitness enthusiasts. If you have kids who are restless from online learning, introduce Online Pilates classes to them, making it fun for the whole family.


Do you also offer Mobile Pilates and Personal training classes?


Yes, Pilates Dynamics are now offering Mobile Pilates and Personal training classes too. You can now book one of our experienced trainers who will travel to you and train you in the comfort of your office or home. Times will depend on your availability as well as the availability of our trainers. 


How do I sign up for these classes?


We always encourage our clients to set small & realistic goals by firstly doing a trial class especially if they looking to join Online Group classes. Whether you find those spare minutes first thing in the morning, at lunchtime, or after dinner, 30 or 60 minutes is an accessible chunk of time. If you do not try now, you will never know. Join our Online classes