Pilates Dynamics is a well known and trusted educational facility that offers Pilates Teacher Training courses of an international standard. Enrolling for one of the following ONLINE or IN-STUDIO courses will set you aside from the rest:

  • Pilates Mat & small equipment course
  • Pilates Comprehensive course (Pilates Mat & Large Machines)
  • Pilates Comprehensive Conversion course (Pilates Large Machines)
  • Pilates Reformer course

For more information on the above ONLINE courses visit:

For more information on the above IN-STUDIO courses visit:

In addition to our courses we offer Pilates Workshops for qualified Pilates Instructors wanting to enhance their knowledge and skills. The following Workshops will commence in August:

  • Pilates Postural Theory Analysis and Application – 21st August 2021
  • Pilates and the Foam Roller – 27th August 2021

    For more information on the above ONLINE workshops visit:


    Classes are offered in our fully equipped studios and in our tropical gardens which provides you with an escape from busy days. You can attend Pilates Large machine (Reformer, Cadillac, Towers, Wunda Chair etc.) and Mat & small equipment (TRX, Ballet Barre, Trampolines, Weights, Kettlebells and more). Classes are held either In-studio or Online. 


    We offer Hatha and Yin yoga. 

    To join any of the above classes


    Pilates Dynamics offer Internationally recognized and Certified Pilates Teacher Training courses and short courses, ONLINE & IN-STUDIO. The following courses are starting in September and October:- 

    • Pilates Mat and Small Equipment (includes a variety of small equipment/props) – next course starting 10 September
    • Pilates Comprehensive Conversion course (For students already in possession of a Pilates Mat qualification). This is an extensive repertoire covering the Reformer; Cadillac; Towers; Wunda Chair; Ladder Barrel and Arc Barrels and much more). – next course starting 1 October
    • Pilates Intensive Reformer course – next course starting 1 October
    • For Short courses & Workshops

    To register for our Pilates Qualifying Courses, visit the links below

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