International Pilates Large Equipment (Machines) Course including a variety of Smaller Equipment


When does the course start?

  • Course lectures run over weekends and the next Large Equipment course starts on Friday 27 March 2020.
  • Courses can be done either in Group Lecture format, or in Private Lecture format. Scheduling lectures privately is aimed at people with a very busy schedule or those whose dates do not suit that of set Group Lecture dates.

How long is this course? (duration)

The Large Equipment course is made up of a total of 350 hours as follows:-

  1. Lectures: 80 hours
  2. Self-Practice: 100 hours
  3. On-line Observation: 90 hours

The above hours include tests and exams.  Date of completion of this course will depend on how quickly you are able to complete your practical hours.  You have a year within which to complete this course. 

Material covered in the Large Equipment course?

  • Pilates Various Large pieces of Equipment (Pilates Machines) consisting of Reformers; Cadillacs; Towers; Wunda Chairs; Ladder and Arc Barrels) with a variety of Smaller Equipment/Props.
  • Faulty Postures
  • Muscle Imbalances explained
  • Faulty Movement Patterns & Neuromuscular re-education
  • Injuries and Pathologies

Who are these Pilates Courses recognized/endorsed/registered with?

  • Our international courses are offered world-wide
  • Our courses are in line with the requirements of the Pilates Method Alliance which is an independent international Professional International Pilates Association.
  • Courses are endorsed by REPSSA and all courses have been allocated CPD (Continuing Professional Development points). REPSSA is the registered Professional Body of the Fitness Industry, which recognises qualifications and expertise of Exercise Professionals in South Africa.
  • Our courses have also been endorsed by BASA (The Biokinetics Association of South Africa)

How do I sign up for Pilates courses?

Everything can be done on-line. Click on the following link:
Alternatively, contact Pilates Dynamics on 011-792 5459 or 072 999 2229 for assistance, or email us on