“In learning you will teach and in teaching you will learn”. A profound statement made by Phil Collins which I discovered was true through my teacher training.

The Pilates Dynamics teacher training journey is one of the most remarkable journeys one can undertake. My journey began immediately after completing my Biokinetics qualification.  I began with learning, relearning, and unlearning different concepts, which once that had set in, you come across various sceneries, sometimes even stopping at a certain point to spend a little more time taking it all in and to acknowledge what you have achieved. The journey of teacher training differs from individual to individual.  My journey with Pilates Dynamics has been one of great reward. Embarking on this journey, the first thing I had to do was find the best reliable and convenient conveyance system, insurance, tracker, and road map – and indeed, I did!  Pilates Dynamics offered me everything I needed for this new and exciting chapter of my life.

Pilates Dynamics was the perfect mode of transportation- they went beyond my expectations. The lectures always kept track of where I was and how I was doing, they provided me with direction whenever I needed it and were always willing to assist every time, I had a breakdown.

Pilates Dynamics has been offering teacher training course for over 5 years, and I must say having the honor to be one of the students at Pilates Dynamics it was certainly worthwhile.

What are the advantages of studying with Pilates dynamics?

  • Payment plans are available to help you meet your financial needs
  • Course is internationally and locally recognized, and several ex-students are working abroad
  • Free tutorial classes before the exams
  • Free course revision classes following completion of lectures
  • 3- 5months free accesses to the studio for practice and class observation (depending on the course)
  • Study manual provided to students
  • Access to videos of all the exercises taught on the student portal
  • Access to videos of pre-recorded classes held at Pilates Dynamics, which counts towards completion of observation hours
  • Live virtual online observation of classes
  • Qualified trainers willing to assist students through their journey
  • Well-equipped studios and you have complete access to any of the equipment during your studies.
  • Peaceful environment to work and study
  • Very secured allowing you to park your car stress free
  • Beautiful garden in which you can work, relax, or grab your lunch
  • An open-door policy
  • Logging your visits to the studio on Discovery Vitality – if a member
  • Welcome tours on arrival making you feel welcome and FREE.

What Pilates Courses are offered at Pilates Dynamics:

Pilates dynamics offers 4 courses, you will find the one that speaks to you.

  1. PILATES MAT & SMALL EQUIPMENT (covering all the pilates small equipment like different size balls; TRX; Ballet Barre; Bosu; Magic Ring; Thera-bands; Free weights; Weighted balls & poles; Kettlebells; etc.)

Basic to Advance Mat Levels 1, 2 + 3; Anatomy; Exercise Adaptions/Variations; Anatomy 1 & 2; Muscle Focus, Contra-Indications & Exercises Goals; Props & Assists; Faulty Postures; Injuries & Pathologies; Pregnancy; Program Flow and Program Planning


Basic to Advance Levels (covering the Pilates Mat & Small Equipment course under 1. above and the Pilates Large Equipment/Machines covering the Cadillac; Chair; Ladder + Arc Barrels); Anatomy; Exercise Adaptions/Variations; Muscle Focus; Contra-Indications & Exercise Goals; Props & Assists; Faulty Postures; Injuries & Pathologies; Pregnancy; Program Flow and Program Planning


This is the Pilates Large Equipment/Machines section of the Comprehensive Pilates course in 2. above – NB: a pre-requisite is a Pilates mat qualification course in 1. above)


(The Reformer Pilates Machine) – NB: a pre-requisite is a Pilates mat qualification in 1. above

Basic to Advance Levels including all Pilates Small Equipment which is integrated into this course and covers: Exercise Adaptions/Variations; Muscle Focus; Contra-Indications & Exercise Goals; Props & Assists; Faulty Postures; Injuries & Pathologies; Pregnancy; Program Flow and Program Planning

What are the pre-requisites to signing up for a Pilates course?

You need to understand the Pilates Method.  Signing up for Pilates classes prior to starting your course will provide you with the experience and understanding of this exercise method.  Whether you are a Biokineticist, a Physiotherapist, a Teacher, a Dancer, a Lawyer, an Office Administrator, a Student, or a House wife, your occupation is irrelevant as the courses at Pilates Dynamics is very in-depth to fully prepare you for your new journey.

It is your commitment and passion that will carry you through to being a successful Pilates Teacher.

Why is it important to study at a learning institute like Pilates Dynamics Studio? 

Make your journey of becoming a Pilates instructor an unforgettable one by choosing the right learning institute. It is important to choose a comprehensive and detailed course to equip you for the local and international Pilates world out there.

Become a confident and top-notch Pilates Instructor and one who not only learns repertoire, but one who understands when to use which exercises and how to adapt the exercises to fit your clients’ goals and that of certain population groups.

For more details on the Pilates Teacher Training courses, visit our website on:


or simply call us on 011-792 5459 or WhatsApp 072 999 2229 or email: info@pilatesdynamics.co.za