Internationally Recognized Certified Pilates Instructor Training Courses At Pilates Dynamics Studio

Why become a Pilates Trainer/Instructor?

  1. You Love Pilates

Can you imagine going to work and doing something you love? If you love Pilates, then why not turn it into a career? They say when you love your work, it won’t feel like work at all, and this is very much applicable with a Pilates career. As an instructor, you will live, breathe, and eat Pilates – and if this appeals to you – then you should go ahead and sign up for classes at our Pilates training centre.

  1. You Want To Get Out Of The Office

Tired of being shackled to a desk from 9 to 5? As a Pilates teacher, you don’t have to follow strict rules pinning you down to office working hours. You can find work at different studios and meet new and different people all the time.

  1. You Want To Help People

Pilates is a great way to get in shape, and many people take it up because they want a healthy life-style. Once you see your students progressing, getting better, and getting fitter, you will feel a sense of accomplishment like no other.

  1. You Want To Teach, But Also Learn More

The truth is that many students who take classes barely touch the surface of Pilates philosophy. There is a much deeper meaning to the teachings of Pilates and as a teacher you can study these in order to understand Pilates better and become a more effective teacher.

  1. You Want A Flexible Schedule

Perhaps one thing that draws people into Pilates teaching is the fact that you can set your own schedule, at least to a certain point.  You can you can set your own times.  If you want more time to do other things (like spending with your family), then a being a Pilates teacher could be one of the best decisions to make.

If any of these reasons sound good enough, then go ahead and book classes at our Pilates training centre so you can be on your way to a great and rewarding career.

Why choose Pilates Dynamics as your Pilates Training Centre?

Our programs are recognized locally and by the international pilates community.

We start off by teaching you Anatomy and Movement which forms the basis of any physical exercise program.  Not only do we teach you Anatomy and Movement, but we teach you applied Anatomy and Movement which focusses on Pilates and which is therefor applicable to the pilates curriculum taught.

Our courses are created and structured in such a way that we ensure that our students obtain the best and most in-depth qualifications possible to become confident and highly respected Pilates Trainers and Teachers.  Our courses offer a big range of exercise repertoire with props and auxiliary equipment to ensure that our courses are holistic and integrated.  You will therefore obtain scientific knowledge and an understanding on how to best serve your clients’ needs.   This will enable you to start teaching immediately upon qualifying from our Pilates Training Centre.

Our Pilates Instructors and Lecturers have many years of pilates teaching and training experience with exposure across a wide range of pilates styles, nationally and internationally.

You will be supported by our team of senior pilates instructors who are here to support you through your journey.

What recognition do our Pilates Courses have? 

As can be seen from the below professional associations and affiliations, Pilates Dynamics is committed to being the best International Pilates Teacher Training Centre in South Africa.

  • PEI:

Pilates Dynamics is an affiliate studio of the Pilates Education Institute (PEI) in America. The PEI is an internationally recognised Teacher Training organisation with studios in the following countries:

– United States             – Mexico

– Ireland                        – Portugal

– Italy                             – South Africa

– Indonesia                   – China

– United Kingdom      – France

– Australia                   – Turkey

– Thailand                   – Canada

– New Zealand


This Certified Pilates Teacher Training program was created and structured in such a way as to ensure that all of our students get the highest qualifications possible to become a top-notch Pilates Trainer with confident and unique teaching styles.

  • PMA:
  • Our program meets and exceeds all the requirements of this prestigious and international association. This means we comply with international education standards.
  • PEA (Pilates Education Association):
  • We are a registered pilates Teacher Training School member (R – PTT) as well as a registered Continuing Education Provider (R – CEP) of this prestigious and professional international association. The PEA is a non-profit association representing the Pilates community. Their mission is to promote and support the integrity of the Pilates Method on an International level.

They do this through:

  • Upholding worldwide growth of Pilates through education and community
  • Celebrating the Pilates Method, traditions and lineages; further promoting the teachings of Joseph Pilates
  • Advocating the self-regulation in the Pilates industry and universal access to effective Pilates practices;
  • Educating the public on the value and credibility of voluntary registration with the Pilates Education Association.
  • Inspiring members to a Pilates community by providing fair and full feedback to Registered Pilates Schools, which fosters accountability and continued improvement; including measurable test results, passing rates of comprehensive teachers and self-evaluation tools for Pilates schools
  • Advocating to protect the Pilates community from unfair or unnecessary burdensome government regulation
  • Guiding Pilates teachers and schools in achieving success with conscious and effective business practices; and
  • Serving the member community by supporting scholarship programs, providing benefits, and developing strategic alliances with Pilates educators.
  • Our course is endorsed by REPSSA (Register of Exercise Professionals South Africa).
  • Both our Mat and Equipment Courses have each been awarded 20 CPD points, i.e. 40 CPD points for the Comprehensive Course.
  • BASA (Biokinetics Association of South Africa)
  • Our courses have been endorsed by BASA and both our Mat and Equipment Courses have each been awarded 20 CPD points.

Where do I find out more about Pilates Dynamics Instructor Training?

Contact Pilates Dynamics via our website on: for further information or to complete the on-line registration form, or contact us for further information on: 011-792 5459 / 072 999 2229 or you can email us on:


We look forward to hearing from you and supporting you on this exciting journey!!