Why should I study through Pilates Dynamics?

Pilates Dynamics is a world class education facility that offers highly respected Pilates Qualificationa to learners. Our certified Pilates teacher Training programs were created and structured in such a way that all students obtain the best and most in-depth qualifications possible to become highly respected Pilates Trainers and Teachers with confidence.

Our Training programs were developed in such a way that makes for a complete 360 degree understanding of the method and teaches you the “when”, “why” and “how” to use the exercises and equipment to either modify or vary and challenge a client who is either an athlete, or someone who needs special care due to injuries. 

We teach an expansive repertoire with props and auxiliary equipment and courses are holistic and integrated to ensure that our instructors and teachers impart their scientific knowledge to the learners to serve their clients’ needs best.

What Pilates courses do you offer?

  • Pilates Mat & Small Equipment Course – 100 Hours: (This course is offered online and in-studio)

This course covers Mat work (Levels 1, 2, & 3); Anatomy; Faulty Posture Patterns; Injuries & Pathologies; Exercise Recommendations & Contra-indications; Exercise Adaption with variations and modifications; Muscle and Goal descriptions are given per exercise; The use of Props and Equipment to either provide assistance or resistance; Program Flow and Program examples; Teaching and Cueing Skills

  • Pilates Large & Small Equipment Course – 350 Hours: (This course is offered in-studio)

The repertoire covers Large equipment (machines) from basic to advanced levels on the:

Reformer; Cadillac; Chair; Ladder and Arc Barrels; Muscle Imbalances; Faulty Movement Patterns & Neuromuscular re-education; Injuries & Pathologies; Exercise Adaption with variations & modifications; Exercise Recommendations & Contra-indications Muscle and Goal descriptions per exercise; The use of Props and Equipment to either provide assistance or resistance; Program Flow and Program examples; Pre-and Post-Natal exercise.

  • Pilates Comprehensive Course – 450 Hours: (This course is offered in-studio)

This course is a combination of the Pilates Mat & Small Equipment under 1) above and the Pilates Large & Small Equipment Course under 2) above.


Are your courses recognized by Professional Associations and Organisations?

Yes, our courses are registered and recognized by the following organisations:

  1. PEI (Pilates Education Institute USA)

We are affiliated to the PEI which is a worldwide Pilates educator with a renowned curriculum utilized in the USA and abroad.

  1. PEA (Pilates Education Association):

We are a registered Pilates Teacher Training School member (R – PTT) as well as a registered Continuing Education Provider (R – CEP) of the PEA.  The PEA is a professional international pilates association and they ensure that international education standards are maintained. Our program meets and exceeds all the requirements of this association, which means that we comply with international education standards.

  1. REPSSA (Register of Exercise Professionals South Africa):

Our courses have been allocated CPD points (Continuing Professional Development points) by REPSSA (Register of Exercise Professionals South Africa) REPSSA recognizes qualifications and expertise.  REPS set an international bench-mark and runs across the whole of Europe, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, U.A.E., Canada, Belgium, Poland, USA and South Africa. Both our Mat and Large Equipment Courses have each been awarded 20 CPD points each.

  1. BASA (Biokinetics Association of South Africa):

Our courses are endorsed by BASA as follows;

  • Pilates Mat & Small equipment Course – 24 CPD points
  • Pilates Large Equipment Course – 30 CPD points
  • Pilates Comprehensive Course – 30 CPD points


What makes you different?

– We are internationally recognised with global affiliations and professional associations, ensuring a

quality education.
– Our lecturers have been exposed to numerous Pilates styles and have national and international experience.
– Our courses are holistic, integrated and in-depth, and we offer applied anatomy with injuries and pathologies in mind.
– We offer a very comprehensive compilation of exercises
– We offer flexible financial repayment options to enable you to obtain a quality Pilates education
– We also understand that people lead busy lives, and that it is not always possible to do all the required hours at OUR studio so we allow students to do hours at OTHER studios and ONLINE.
– Students are exposed to the integration of all auxiliary equipment including the TRX and Ballet Barre.


Are there any Prerequisites for the courses?

Knowledge of the fitness industry and Pilates is highly recommended. Each student should be familiar with the practice and technique of Pilates and should have experienced pilates as a client at a studio.  If you have never done Pilates before, you will need to book classes at Pilates Dynamics or any other approved studio so that you can become familiar with the practice and techniques of pilates.

If you have any skills from an athletic and sport activity, or you hold a teaching qualification, that will also help to develop body awareness and other attributes that are extremely beneficial to the pilates teacher training.


Tell me more about your Pilates Teacher Trainers & Lecturers?

– You will be continuously supported throughout your Pilates journey by our qualified team of Pilates   professionals, irrespective of whether the course is held on-line or in-studio.
– Our Teacher Trainers/Lecturers have been exposed to numerous Pilates styles and are well experienced.
– Our Teacher Trainers/Lecturers hold the following combined degrees: BHSc Honours Biokinetics, BA Human Movement Science, Personal Training Qualifications, Dance, Barre and Ballet.
– Our Teacher Trainers/Lecturers have national and international experience.
– Our mission is to mentor you towards a successful and rewarding Pilates career.

– You will be consistently supported by our team of senior Pilates Lecturers and Trainers.


**W e  a r e  h e r e  t o  t e a c h  y o u  h o w  t o  t e a c h ,  n o t  j u s t  w h a t  t o  t e a c h**


What other offerings and benefits are included in the Pilates Teacher Training Courses?

Mat Students:Students can attend FREE Group Mat classes for 3 months from start date of course at our studio.

Comprehensive Students: Students can attend FREE Group Mat & Reformer classes for 5 months from start date of course at our studio.


What is the registration process? (How do I sign up?)

For ONLINE COURSES click on: OR  


and complete the registration process.


What are your contact details?

Please note that due to the COVID-19 nationwide lockdown, we are all working remotely.

We can be contacted on: 072 999 2229 or email us on for any questions.


” A students’ success primarily depends on the

commitment and the willingness to go the distance,

regardless of previous experience.”