You are thinking about becoming a Pilates instructor? We love to see that! Pilates Dynamics Studio has Lecturers who enjoy teaching others the joys of Pilates and helping them to teach with confidence, being fully prepared to understand human biomechanics and movement.

Where is the best place to do a Pilates Course in 2024?

Pilates Dynamics Studio offers top tier Pilates client training and Pilates Instructor Courses in Johannesburg South Africa. Our Courses are worth the travel, and we have had students from all over fly into the country for our Courses. We are Internationally recognized with global affiliations and professional associations so you will be receiving one of the best Pilates educations in the country.

Our Pilates Courses are in-depth and intensive and offer an integration of Anatomy, Injuries & Pathologies with recommendations and contra-indications, and exercise goals to ensure an understanding of the work. We also offer a very comprehensive compilation of exercises from basic to advance levels, including a full exercise video library of exercises in our manual. Another big advantage of our courses are that we use a whole variety of equipment to either advance or support movements. Equipment like the TRX, BOSU, BALLET BARRE, ROLLERS, VARIOUS SIZES BALLS, FREE WEIGHTS, PILATES RING, PILATES BARS, and AEROBIC STEPPERS to name but a few.

One of the things all our students have always appreciated about Pilates Dynamics Courses is the fact that we give our students FREE access to the studio to observe classes, participate in classes and bring their own people for client training as they are building their hours. In addition to this, our students get the opportunity to teach Pilates classes with the feedback of experienced Pilates Instructors. This gives them the confidence to teach and be great because they are exposed to all the equipment and lecturers are always available to assist them if they need help. Practice makes perfect and our Lecturers are very intentional in their teaching to give you the full confidence you need.

We have a great number of qualified and certified Instructors who have had the opportunity to work across the world in countries like Dubai, Australia, Canada, Saudi Arabia to name a few.

These Courses are ideal for anyone with a passion for exercise and health and is interested in making a career change or start a Pilates career. They are also perfect for Physiotherapists, Biokineticists, Occupational Therapists, Dancers, and Personal Trainers. Should you not have any prior learning in Anatomy and Movement Science, do not despair as Anatomy is included in our Courses.

2024 Courses offered at Pilates Dynamics Studio

1. Pilates Mat & Small Equipment Course

Our Pilates Mat & Small Equipment Course is very popular, and we run it twice and sometimes 3 times a year! With this Course you will be able to confidently teach Mat Pilates
anywhere in the world as it is very comprehensive, and you get exposed to many different pieces of small equipment including but not limited to Barre, Pilates TRX, Magic Rings and Thera bands.

Pilates Dynamics Mat Course provides a strong foundation in the fundamentals of Pilates, including Injuries & pathologies, exercise recommendations and contra-indications, muscle goal and description per exercise and teaching & cueing skills.

It is ideal for anyone looking to secure an advanced teaching credential and for self-employment or working in a top-quality studio environment.

2. Pilates Comprehensive Course

Pilates Dynamics Comprehensive Course is also very popular as it is a combination of the Pilates Mat & Small Equipment and Pilates Large Equipment. In addition to the information on the Mat above, you get to also use Pilates Reformer, Pilates Cadillac, Pilates Wunda Chair, Pilates Ladder Barrel and Pilates Arc Barrels. Together with teaching you how to use these large machines, you will also get to learn how to integrate the smaller equipment like the: TRX, BOSU, BALLET BARRE, ROLLERS, VARIOUS SIZES BALLS, FREE WEIGHTS, PILATES RING, PILATES BARS, and AEROBIC STEPPERS to name but a few.

Our studio is fully equipped and having access to a vast number of equipment is very beneficial for our students because they are comfortable with using every Pilates equipment and this gives them confidence to teach anywhere in the world. A lot of Pilates educators only offer short-term watered-down courses which lack variety and understanding of individuals bodies and movement restrictions and how to adapt movements accordingly – not to mention teaching cues and proper teaching techniques.

3. Pilates Comprehensive Conversion Course

Our Pilates Comprehensive Course is just the large equipment section of the Courses. This Course is perfect for those who already have a Mat Qualification and want to advance their Pilates qualification to that of a comprehensive Pilates qualification, which is in high demand in the rest of the world.
This Course has been structured to recognise and build on the skills and knowledge that you already have as a practising Pilates teacher.

Since you are already here, feel free to check out the Course Info Pack by clicking the link below,

4. Pilates Intensive Reformer Course

Reformer Pilates is extremely popular both in South Africa and abroad. If the Pilates Comprehensive Course seems too time intensive and intimidating to you, then the Pilates Reformer Intensive Course is ideal. All our courses cover basic to advance level exercises and includes the use of all the smaller Pilates equipment and integrating that into the use of your larger Pilates machines. All our courses also cover modifications and adaptions so that you can train different population groups like the elderly, pre-natal and athletes.


For a Pilates Lecturer, nothing beats the feeling of watching students putting in the effort and making progress and ultimately achieving their goals. Being hands-on with your course is one of the best things you can do for yourself if you want to see the best results. Remember that Practice makes Perfect and the more effort you put into it, the more you get out of it.
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