Christmas is the season to be jolly and certainly the season to be active. During the holiday season, we tend to spend most of our time with our family, friends, going out to different places, and the food is abundant leaving us with little to no time for exercises. We find that all the exercises that were easy have become tedious, and before we know it, our waistline has grown. 

This year let’s do things differently.

We at Pilates Dynamics strongly believe that good food and social interaction can be enjoyed without sacrificing fitness – and that waistline! 


Here are 5 ways to stay fit during the season of overindulgence:

  1. Pack your gym shoes and light equipment.
    Leaving some room in your luggage for fitness is what it may take to motivate you. You do not want to pack your running shoes and not use them at all. You can easily pack light weight equipment such as a resistance band and a Pilates ring that do not take up space.

  2. Look for new ways to get active.
    Despite not being able to attend usual classes you can stay fit and still enjoy your holiday. One can take things beyond the studio and gym and try something new every single day to keep the body moving. Try activities that promote the movement such as hiking, bowling, swimming, golfing, walking/jogging, or an early morning 30 minute Pilates or Yoga session.

  3. Involve your family and friends
    Get out of the house and explore new places, adventures away from the TV and the couch. Combine your workouts with socializing by buddying up with a friend and committing to working out over the holidays.

  4. Drink more water
    Drink plenty of water – and do not deprive yourself of a glass of bubbles or indulgent hot cocoa. The benefits of drinking plenty of water extend not only to suppressing the appetite but also to boosting your metabolism and keeping you full for longer periods of time.

  5. Make smart food choices
    Indulge in holiday treats without being too hard on yourself. The more you limit your food craving the more you want to savour them. Eat plenty of the healthy items and enjoy smaller portions of the not so healthy goodies. You will feel better in the long run. 


Have a happy and healthy holiday and remember to stay active as you enjoy the festivities.