Everyone is talking about getting IV Drips these days and so many companies have started emerging to provide the services, but it is time you stop and ask yourself if these sources are reputable and if the ingredients they use are up to par.

Over the past couple of months, Pilates Dynamics did in-depth research into the administering of IV Drips and it’s benefits as well as which products and service providers are reputable.  Following this research, Pilates Dynamics has proudly partnered with Testaro Health IV Clinic for IV Vitamin Drips. Apart from curing hangovers and providing our bodies with the essential nutrients, IV Vitamin Drips cleanses our bodies of toxins and free radicals that may damage cells and DNA which promotes aging. The IV Drips we offer are of top medical grade and will help you with migraines, seasonal allergies, chronic fatigue, improving skin while boosting nail and hair growth, replenish essential vitamins and fluids lost during workouts and boost natural energy levels among other things.

Testaro Health IV Clinic has been giving drips at Pilates Dynamics for the past couple of months and all our clients have been loving the quality of service and results.  All Drips provided have been tested and combined by a team of Medical experts, Professors, and Doctors. It is of utmost importance to make sure that the ingredients used in IV Drips are of the very best quality and in that respect Testaro provides top of the range ingredients that have been certified by the medical board in terms of quality and quantity.  Drips are administered by qualified medical nurses and sisters.

It was very important for us as a Health and Fitness Facility to make sure that any service provided to our clients are only the best!!! Our Instructors and staff also took the drips and were all very happy and had noticeable changes. We hope you enjoy this service as much as everyone else who has tried it here, as they loved it!

Some benefits our clients have experienced

“I have been doing Pilates as a professional athlete at Pilates Dynamics for almost 2 years now. I have been taking the sports endurance drip and the benefits I have had over the past 3 months are astounding. The IV Drips are very clean, and this was important for me to be very sure of as an athlete. The Sports Endurance Drip replenishes the electrolytes and fluids I lose during workouts which gives support to both the muscular and cardiovascular system. I absolutely recommend!!!!”

“It is now the end of the year and everyone in our offices has been feeling the effects of end of year pressure! We booked to have our IV Drips done at Pilates Dynamics and I can tell you, we all feel a bit better and at ease as our bodies needed that final boost. We took the Myers Cocktail, and the Nurse explained all the benefits which included hydration, restoring balance, improving adrenal fatigue, and alleviating stress. We enjoyed learning about the ingredients while enjoying a moment of relaxation. I rate it 10/10. The best”

“The holiday festivities have started already, and the partying has been at an all time high for me and my friends in university. We reached out to Pilates Dynamics as we saw their partnership with Testaro included the Hangover/ Detox IV therapy. The 4 of us made our bookings so we could start preparing for exams on a clean slate. At first, we were worried, but the Nurses talk you through every step and they will give you answers for any questions you might have. The nurse mentioned to us that the liver is the workhouse of anyone’s detoxification system and this IV drip was giving it the nutritional support it needed to function optimally while detoxing our bodies. Loved this experience and would do it again just to reduce fatigue, nausea and prevent headaches”

What other IV Therapy Drips do you offer and why choose our services:

We also offer the flawless skin IV Drip. Testaro has sourced the top range of Glutathione and Vitamin C in the correct quantity to make sure clients get the maximum benefits out of it. Sometimes just drinking water alone is not enough and you might need that boost for an inner glow be it you just want it, or you are preparing for a wedding, graduation or even a holiday. The best quality of Glutathione will ensure that natural purification occurs from inside out to reveal glowing skin and enhanced complexion. Not only does it do wonders for the skin, but it also boost hair and nail growth so why not give it a try?  This is such a great option, that these Flawless Skin IV drips have been administered to the Miss SA finalists as well!!!

Another IV Drip that is currently being offered is the Rejuvinate Drip. We are all going to need a dose of energy before the holidays to prepare for the craziness surrounding this time and obviously before heading back to work in the new year. The Rejuvinate IV Drip restores your vigour and boosts your energy levels simultaneously.


How do I get started with Pilates and/or Yoga training or booking for IV Vitamin Drips?

Contact Pilates Dynamics on: 0729992229 or 0117925459 or
Email us on: info@pilatesdynamics.co.za