Mariné Calitz Profile

Marine Calitz Profile

What is your name and surname?

Mariné Calitz

How old are you?


Where did you grow up?


How did you end up where you are – studies, experience, life?

After school I studied marketing at UFS, and after graduation I worked in a corporate environment which confirmed that I needed to work with people and not just sit in an office all day, as it felt like I had so much more to offer than simply following a routine and limiting my potential to a basic work description. I then left South Africa and worked abroad for some time, once I returned home, I started my own solar company and commenced my studies at Pilates Dynamics. All of this gave me a lot of life experience and I learnt more about myself through each challenge and each phase.

Why did you start with Pilates?

I sustained a neck injury from an earlier car accident, my chiropractor then advised me to start doing Pilates to strengthen my body (especially my core) in a safe way of exercising. A new world opened for me, and I started doing research on Pilates which eventually lead to me doing my training and became an instructor at Pilates Dynamics.

How are you involved with Pilates Dynamics?

I am a qualified Pilates Mat Instructor, currently studying towards my Pilates Equipment qualification, at Pilates Dynamics.

What is the best part of this job?

Working with people and having new challenges with each client’s unique body and pathology, helping my clients reach their goals – the feeling one gets from when clients show progress and they are happy and grateful for my assistance, is simply indescribable. Building a relationship and making a difference in my clients’ lives is an amazing feeling!

What is the best thing about Pilates?

The way we perform each exercise with control, correct breathing and precision makes every rep count. The results of Pilates, comparing to the usual exercises (which are mostly performed incorrect due to lack of knowledge) is worthwhile. The approach to exercising is much different than what we are used to, and you can feel it in your body after every session.

What is your five favourite things in the world and why? (Places, food, stuff, anything)

Friends and family: Money cannot buy the memories and love of family and friends.

  • Time: Every second is a new opportunity
  • Reading: I enjoy learning from others, reading autobiographies and others’ success stories.
  • Travelling: Opens a whole new world to me, learning about other cultures, exploring new things and new places – Experience is everything!
  • Human body: It reminds me of how big and great our Creator is! There is always something new to learn about the human body, it is one of my most interesting topics.

What strange habit do you have – or something that you do and other people usually don’t do?

When I stress, I find everything funny, to the point that I start laughing uncontrollably! I usually then look for someone else to join in on the laugh, but they generally just laugh at me and not with me, which causes me to laugh even more.

What is the most valuable lesson you have ever learnt?

If you live the same life year after year, you are not living life to the fullest. Grab each opportunity, or better yet, create you own in order to live life 100%, day after day, year after year. to Book a Class with Marine contact us...