Pilates have been gaining a lot of attention over the past couple of years and we know why – but do you know why Pilates is great for you?
We have seen so many famous faces like Jennifer Aniston, Adele, The Kardashians and even sportsmen like Hardick Pandya admit to Pilates being a huge part of their fitness journey as they were trying to physically correct movement restrictions and tone their bodies and also for great sport ship awareness. No one wants to invest in something that has no results, and this is where Pilates Dynamics comes in to help you. Pilates is the first-choice exercise option whether you are looking to tone your body, improve mobility, strength, and flexibility, or whether you are looking for an exercise to support any other type of training for example, CrossFit, Weight-training, Calisthenics, High Intensity Interval Training or Running.

Why should you trust us to help improve your total fitness well-being?

•We offer both Private and Group classes and you can pick an option that suits you best.
•Our group classes are small, a maximum of 8 people and no class is the same ever!!!
•We have state-of-the art facilities as well as beautiful gardens with water features which offer a calm relaxing environment perfect for Pilates.
•We offer a variety of Pilates and Yoga classes for the whole family to enjoy.
•Pilates Dynamics offer sports specific training

Pilates page link: https://pilatesdynamics.co.za/pilates/
Yoga page link: https://pilatesdynamics.co.za/yoga/

Contact us on: info@pilatesdynamics.co.za or 0729992229