Overview of the Online Internationally Recognized & Certified

1) Pilates Mat & Small Equipment Teacher Training Course

The Online Mat & Small Equipment Teacher Training Course was created and structured in such a way as to ensure that all of our students get the highest qualifications possible to become a top-notch Pilates Instructor with confident and unique teaching styles.

The online platform was created for: International students; Students who reside outside the borders of Gauteng; and Students residing in Gauteng who find it easier to do the course from the comfort of their own homes, studios or practices.

Pilates Mat & Small Equipment Course Overview:

This online course is structured in exactly the same way that the in-studio course.  It is the same syllabus which has been offered many times - and in several countries abroad.  The course material has been put together in a way that is easy to understand and in a way that teaches you the basic fundamentals and building onto each module so that the learner has a complete 360 degree and a holistic understanding of the Pilates course.

We teach an expansive repertoire and the course is structured in a way that teaches you the “ when”, “why” and “how” to use the equipment to either modify or vary and challenge a client who is either an athlete, or someone who needs special care as a result of injuries or pathologies.

Course Content:

- Mat Exercises Levels 1; 2 & 3 (Basic to Advanced)

- History of Pilates

- Code of Ethics & Practice

- Guidelines for Teaching and Professionalism

- Anatomy

- Faulty Posture Patterns

- Injuries & Pathologies

- Exercise Recommendations & Contra-indications

- Exercise Adaption (Variations & Modifications)

- Muscle and Goal descriptions (per exercise)

- Integration of Props (Small Equipment)

- Program Flow & Program Planning & Examples

- Teaching & Cueing Skills

International and Local Affiliations and Endorsements:

- Our Courses have been allocated 20 CPD points (Continuing Professional Developing point system) by REPSSA, who is the Register of Exercise Professionals in South Africa, which recognizes qualifications and expertise. REPSSA sets an international standard bench-mark and runs across the whole of Europe, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, U.A.E., Canada, Belgium, Poland, USA, and South Africa.

- Pilates Dynamics is affiliated to the Pilates Education Institute in the USA which is a worldwide Pilates Educator with a renowned curriculum utilized in the USA and abroad.

- Our courses are recognized by the Pilates Education Association, which is a 3rd party non-profit organization whose purpose it is to establish quality within the international Pilates community to ensure safety and maintain high standards.

- Our Courses are in line with the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) requirements and our Program Director is a member of the PMA.

- Our Courses are endorsed by BASA (Biokinetics Association of South Africa) as follows; -

   1. Pilates Mat Course - PPB008/B002/2019/00665 Level 2 - 24 CPD points

Lecture Hours

Contact the studio for available dates and times.

Lectures are presented LIVE ONLINE on ZOOM. We have structured the lecture hours in such a way that you have enough time in between for study and to raise any questions at the following session/s.  At the end of the final lecture, we will allow for enough time to answer any questions that students may have. Please note that once lectures have been completed, structures are in place to assist students to communicate with the Lecturer/s on an ongoing basis with the studio.

Personal Practice Hours:

Students can start recording and accumulating personal practice hours once the course has started.  Accepted forms of personal practice hours include practicing on your own at our studio at no additional cost if you are close to us, or participating in Private or Group Classes in-studio or online at a studio subject to approval.

We offer videos of all exercises taught in our manual on the online platform.

Observation Hours:

Observation hours can be started and counted once the course has started. Students can schedule observation hours at a studio subject to approval. Our studio is available for observation at no additional charge.  Observation hours can also be done online via Pilates Anytime at an additional cost of approximately R250 per month, as an option.

Teaching Hours:

Recorded teaching hours will count towards teaching hours. You can practice teaching by instructing a friend, family member or apprentice instructor at a studio subject to approval. Our studio is also available at no additional charge for use thereof - if you are situated close to us.

Course Lecturers:

Every Pilates Dynamics instructor has a full Pilates Certification, together with in-depth experience and additional formal qualifications like: BA Human Movement Science, Physiotherapy, Personal Training, Professional Dance and Ballet, BHSc Honours Biokinetics and BA Sports Science Honours. Instructors and Lecturers at Pilates Dynamics are held to high standards every year for the completion of additional continuing education and courses.

Our Pilates Teacher Trainers and Lecturers:

– We offer an intensive and in-depth course in line with international standards

– You will be continuously supported throughout your Pilates journey by our qualified team of Pilates professionals

– Our Teacher Trainers/Lecturers have been exposed to numerous styles of Pilates and have many years of training and education experience.

– Our Teacher Trainers/Lecturers hold the following degrees: BA Human Movement Science, Physiotherapy, Personal Training, Professional Dance and Ballet, BHSc Honours Biokinetics, BA Sports Science Honours, and Sports Massage Therapy.

– Our Teacher Trainers/Lecturers have had exposure both nationally and internationally.

– Our mission is to mentor you towards a successful and rewarding Pilates career

– We are here to teach you how to instruct, not just what to teach.

Course Fees:

- Group Fees: R 11 850 (Vat and exercise library inclusive)

- Private Fees: R 14 500 (Vat and exercise library inclusive)

Additional Fees: (VAT Incl.)

- Exam registration fee: R 940 per exam

- Pilates Anytime Online Observation – R250 Monthly fee (optional)

*If you are in possession of you Mat Qualification and you wish to do your Comprehensive Qualification, the course cost and payment details can be viewed on our in studio teacher training page.

*Should a student decide to continue with the Comprehensive Course in the same year that the Certified Mat work section has been completed, a discount of 10% will apply on the Comprehensive Conversion Course Price, together with an additional fee of R 1 000 for the manuals.

Breakdown of Practical Hours and Course Duration:

Self-Practice: 20 hours

On-line Observation: 20 hours 

Teacher Training: 30 hours


- Knowledge of the fitness industry and the teachings of Joseph Pilates is highly recommended. Students should be familiar with the practice and technique of Pilates. To book appointments at Pilates Dynamics prior to starting the courses, please contact the studio directly.

- Prior skills from an athletic activity can help develop body awareness and other attributes that are extremely beneficial to the teacher training.

- A stable internet connection is necessary as all lectures are conducted online.

Testing and Exams:

Exams are written in February / July / November or December annually (dates to be determined).

Tests are not compulsory, however, it is strongly suggested that you register to write tests as this will be very beneficial to you in terms of exam preparations and testing of your own knowledge.

Cost: R 940 VAT Incl.

*Upon finishing of all the required hours (practical, observation and teaching) and passing the final exam with a pass rate of 70% and above, a certificate of completion will be issued*.

*Should students not be able to make the exam dates when determined, they are welcome to apply to write their exams on different dates, subject to private assessors & moderators fees*:-

*Upon finishing of all the required hours (practical, observation and teaching) and passing the final exam with a pass rate of 70% and above, a certificate of completion will be issued*.

If you are a Discovery Vitality member, you can earn points for every workout done in-studio.

Refund Policy:

No refunds are given should a student fail to attend the course following acceptance, confirmation, and payment of the deposit or once-off cost payment, or any other amount paid towards the course.

No refunds are given if a student misses any module/s.

A students’ success primarily depends on the commitment and the willingness to go the distance, regardless of previous experience.  Our team is available to guide you through the process and assist you in reaching both your personal best and the high standards that we require.  Please ask for assistance should you require any.