The foam roller has become a very versatile piece of equipment to incorporate into a Pilates session. 

It is used as self-myofascial release therapy (manual therapy) and has also become a popular prop to use during a training session. Manual therapy can be traced back to ancient civilizations in India and China and was used as a traditional form of medicine. 

The foam roller is used by physical therapists, massage therapists, sports trainers, exercise specialists, Yoga and Pilates instructors and dancers all over the world but has more recently become popular for home use.

Not only is it an effective way to rid the body of built-up muscular tension, but as a Pilates instructor it is a great tool to use in a variety of ways, on all clients, irrespective of their fitness levels, strength or restrictions. We will look at the different ways we can safely utilize the roller in the studio.

Different Types of Pilates

Benefits of using the foam roller:


  • Prevents injury and assists with recovery
  • Improves ROM
  • Breaks up scar tissue (collagen adhesions that may cause tightness and restrictions)
  • Removes lactic acid build up in muscles after training
  • Improves mobility and flexibility
  • Saves money on manual therapy treatments
  • Can be used as an exercise tool
  • It’s for everyone
  • Reduces cellulite due to the increase in lymphatic flow
  • Increase blood flow and nutrients to tissues
  • Reduces joint stresses
  • Improves muscle imbalances
  • Reduces neuromuscular hyper tenacity 
  • Maintains functional muscular length


What is this workshop all about?


  • This workshop is very practical.
  • We will discuss the theory behind the roller and how it originated
  • You will learn how to use the Foam Roller in an exercise workout program and we will provide you with an exercise program flow to address the whole body
  • You will learn to practise myofascial release techniques (massage)
  • All the exercises will be taught so that you can repeat them on your own and on clients
  • Exercises are categorized to start with a Warm Up, Abdominals, Hips, Arm Work, Leg Work, Spinal Articulation, Bridges, Full Body Work, Lateral Flexion and Rotation, Back Extensions, a Cool Down and lastly Myofascial Release Techniques (self -massage)
  • Exercises include modifications and variations


Who will benefit from this workshop?


This workshop is for Pilates instructors who would like to gain more knowledge in terms of using the Foam Roller in a safe way to incorporate it in their daily workout programs. This knowledge can be used to the benefit of both the instructor and the client.


What knowledge will I gain from this workshop?


On completion of this course, everyone will be able to implement these exercises into their fitness regime. Every participant will get a program flow and exercises will be taught in a specific flow so that you start and finish with the right sequence of exercises. Safety is a big aspect and exercises will be varied and modified, depending on fitness levels. 


What is the date, time and cost of this workshop?


The Pilates and Foam Roller course duration is 3 hours and the course will be held on the 27th August from 14h00 to 17h00 and costs R850. 


How do I sign up?


The sign-up process is easy, simply go the workshop page and complete the application form. Then make a payment for the course well in advance to secure your booking, bank details are provided on the application page.