Pilates for Kids - What are the benefits?

Pilates for Kids

Pilates for Kids - What are the benefits?

What is Pilates:

Before we explore the benefits of Kids Pilates, its important to understand what Pilates is. Pilates is a body conditioning routine that helps to build strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination without adding any muscle bulk. Pilates is the brainchild of a German doctor Joseph H. Pilates. He came up with several exercises and equipment for helping immobilized soldiers during the World War I. In addition, he also developed some mat and machine exercises that focused on strengthening the torso.

Pilates for Kids:

Sporty Kids & Teens: Children and teens who play sports that involve extreme flexibility and range of movement will benefit from Pilates – hockey, tennis, rowing, basketball, swimming and rugby players can strengthen their bodies and help prevent injuries. It can also help them recover faster if injury occurs.

Dancing Kids & Teens: Pilates was used from its earliest days of conception at dance camps and employed by some of the top ballet dancers in several countries. It’s the ideal exercise routine to add to any dancer’s repertoire, adding strength and balance. If your child or teen is into ballet, hip hop, tap, modern or other dance styles, Pilates for kids could be a perfect companion activity.

Inactive Kids & Teens: Children and teens who don’t have a sport or other active passions can find a perfect exercise option in Pilates. The exercises are achievable for all body types and strengths.

Challenged Kids & Teens: Children with motor control issues, who are in occupational therapy, or those undergoing physical therapy for rehabilitative purposes or to correct an existing issue can benefit greatly from Pilates. Originally called “Contrology” by Joseph Pilates himself, this activity can strengthen muscles, improve balance and posture, and enhance their self-discipline.

What Pilates Dynamics offers for kids:

We offer Private, Semi Private and group classes for Kids and teens at our studio. We have several small and large, state of the art equipment which will peak the interested of any child or teen. Our instructors are well trained, patient and experienced with children and will ensure every workout is exciting and effective.

We also work with Physiotherapist; Chiropractor; Occupational Therapists; and other Medical Therapist referrals.

Why Pilates Dynamics?

We are a private state-of-the-art health and fitness facility with very experienced trainers.  We are also a pilates education facility offering internationally recognized pilates training and education and students trained by us work everywhere in the world as a result of the high standards that we set and maintain.  Your children are therefore safe in our hands.

We are surrounded by beautiful tropical gardens with water features, which makes for an exercise haven. For more info: https://pilatesdynamics.co.za/kiddies-pilates-2/

Where are we situated:

We are situated at number 2 Nicolyn Avenue, Ruiterhof, Randburg - next to the Randburg main sports complex- just off Republic road.  Our contact numbers are: 011-792 5459 and 072 999 2229 or you can email us on: info@pilatesdynamics.co.za  Please feel free to contact us to either make a booking or to set up an appointment to talk to us and to visit our studios.