Pilates for rehabilitation and sports injuries

Pilates for Rehabilitation – Including Sports Injuries

Pilates for Rehabilitation - Including Sports Injuries

How Physiotherapy and Pilates work together to assist with rehabilitation:

Pilates Dynamics is situated next to a Sport Complex and has been working with athletes focusing on Pilates for rehabilitation and sports injuries for many years. We work very closely with your Physiotherapist to achieve the best possible results during rehabilitation, towards a common goal.  Pilates will improve an individual’s physical condition by restoring normal bodily functions and minimizing or even preventing the debilitating effects of trauma or injury.  Incorporating the principles and theory of Pilates will restore functionality and improve strength and flexibility, mobility, functionality, and reduce pain.

How Chiropractic therapy and Pilates work together to assist with rehabilitation:

A common complaint of modern office workers is neck and back pain or excessive shoulder and hip tightness.  These conditions can be rectified or greatly improved through Pilates – gentle stretching and strengthening exercises of the neck and upper back.  Stronger abdominals also mean a stronger back.  Pilates will focus on the Core or also referred to as the Internal Support Structure (cylinder of muscular support made up of the diaphragm, pelvic floor, abdominals & back muscles).  Pilates focus not only on the major muscle groups in the body, but also the stabilizer muscles, including any imbalances that may exist in the body, which generally leads to compensations and injury.

Pilates Dynamics has established valuable synergies with chiropractors, working together closely to greatly reduce or eliminate pain experienced by clients.

How Orthopaedic therapy and Pilates work together to assist with rehabilitation:            

After orthopaedic surgery, a team of professional therapists are employed to decrease pain, improve the range of motion and strength, and to guide the patient to full restoration of movement.  Pilates is part of the team of experts required to facilitate this process by improving strength and flexibility, range, and functionality, and to reduce pain.

Pilates Dynamics establishes close working relationships with our clients’ orthopaedic therapists, to ensure that we are addressing clients’ needs while safeguarding them from injury.

Why Gynaecologists refer their pre- and post-natal clients for Pilates:               

Pilates instructors work with pre- and postnatal gynaecological referrals and work closely with our pregnant clients’ obstetricians and midwives to ensure the well being of both mother and baby.  This ensures that, should difficulties with the pregnancy arise, the Pilates instructor is able to discuss the best possible treatment with the clients’ obstetrician.

Where is Pilates Dynamics situated and what are the contact details of Pilates Dynamics:

Pilates Dynamics are situated at 2 Nicolyn Avenue, Ruiterhof, Randburg.  We are situated next to the main Randburg Sports Complex – just off Republic Road.  We can be contacted on 011-792 5459 or 072 999 2229 or via email on info@pilatesdynamics.co.za