What is Pilates?

This exercise discipline was started by Joseph Pilates who set up his first studio is 1926 in New York City, which attracted a diverse population, including socialites, circus performers, gymnasts and athletes.  Pilates is based on body movements that are performed in a slow and deliberate manner, while focusing on particular muscles or muscle groups. Breathing techniques and intense concentration are required to perfect the movements. The movements are slow but deliberately designed to target certain areas, especially the core muscles, which form the basis of the Pilates philosophy.

For more information on pilates click here: https://pilatesdynamics.co.za/why-pilates/

What are the benefits of PILATES in the Outdoors?

In addition to the many benefits of pilates there are also several benefits to doing pilates outdoors:

  1. It's good to disconnect and be in nature. We spend essentially most of our days indoors using technology for work-related or personal reasons. It's way too easy for someone to spend days or weeks at a time barely going outside. It's always a good thing to stop and disconnect from our virtual worlds in order to step outside and soak up the benefits of the outdoors. Exercising outside helps clear your mind while reducing stress.
  2. It promotes higher vitamin D levels. Vitamin D, also known as the "sunshine vitamin" has recently been proven to affect everything from cancer development to mental health. Many people are not getting sufficient vitamin D from spending too much time indoors.
  3. It just makes you feel good. Scottish researchers discovered that working out outside has a 50 percent greater positive effect on mental health than just going to the gym. Outdoor exercise is linked to stress reduction, a decrease in feelings of tension and anger, and less symptoms of depression.
  4. You breathe better air outside. There is no doubt that fresh air outside is superior to the recycled air you breathe inside a studio. Fresh air will even give you more energy. Just 20 minutes of working out outside is equivalent to drinking one cup of coffee in terms of its energy-boosting effects.

Why attend PILATES classes at Pilates Dynamics?

  • Classes are held in our breath-taking tropical garden surrounded by water fountains and at night we have beautiful light displays to create the perfect exercise haven.
  • The fun and high energy workouts are designed to emphasize the correct biomechanics of movement to increase strength, flexibility, stamina and dynamic stability, without placing stress on your joints. It is a program geared for everyone—no experience required!
  • The studio will provide exercise equipment, which ranges from Bosus, Foam Rollers, Toning Bars, Balls, Toning Bars, Bands, Kettle Bells, Medicine Balls, and Weights, to name but a few.

What do I bring with to the PILATES classes?

All you need to bring along is an empty water bottle and a towel.  All other equipment will be provided by the studio.

How do I book a class?

Contact Pilates Dynamics on 011-7925459 / 072 999 2229 or email us on: info@pilatesdynamics.co.za

You can visit our website on: www.pilatesdynamics.co.za