Now, if someone had told me 3 years ago that I would be waking up voluntarily at 06h00 to go to a Pilates class I would have laughed in their face because no way right? Wrong!! It’s 2023 and I have been enjoying the transition from summer to winter and I thought it would be great for me to share some of the best tips I have been gathering ever since I started Pilates. I love Pilates as a form of exercise for any time of the year but Pilates in winter is my favourite! 


I know it is hard to wake up early and exercise, but you can do Pilates at any time of the day, and it helps to go to a studio with a variety of time options and equipment so that you do not feel limited, and this is where Pilates Dynamics in Ruiterhof Randburg will be your best friend. They have an accommodating class time schedule- which gets updated regularly because obviously schedules change and they keep up to ensure everyone can book a slot!!! They tend to get fully booked quickly so I suggest you head over to the contact page to make a booking before it’s too late🤗 

Here are my Pilates in winter nuggets that I have collected over the past couple of years:


1. Strength in Numbers 

When I started Pilates I wanted to do Private classes and I noticed that there was also a group at the same time and it always sounded like a party in there so eventually, I got myself a slot in one of the group classes and it was the best. Being in a group setting helped my mental health and motivated me each morning to wake up and go to Pilates. The classes are fun and challenging so Pilates is something I really look forward to. 


2. Pilates Wards off Sickness 

When the temperature drops, an onslaught of flu and the cold season makes us feel like it would be impossible to not end up sick.  However, Pilates is a great way to build up your immune system because your blood gets pumping faster especially when you are on the Reformer. The immune cells in your body can move faster thus making the immune system stronger and able to attack and kill infections. 

One class is not going to cut it😅consistency is key in order to get the long term effects of the immune system boosting Pilates provide. 


3. Mood boost 

I cannot be the only one who is grumpy especially when it’s cold! Just me? I know it cannot be. Taking my Pilates classes regularly has helped me become more confident about getting in shape, being more social, coping with anxiety and depression in a healthy way. 


4. Avoid winter weight gain! 

Come on, admit it, by the time winter ends and we lose our jackets, we all start thinking about those summer salads, but what if I told you that you could maintain your look through out winter by staying consistent with your classes. We generally move less in winter but when you come for that Pilates rebounding class or that Reformer Cardio Jump board workout, boy oh boy!!!  AND you stay warm for most part of the day! 

Do you need any previous Pilates experience to join a class at Pilates Dynamics? 


Not at all! If you are a beginner, you can join Pilates classes. Prior to joining the Pilates group classes, they will set up a private Pilates class for you during which you are taught the basics of Pilates, muscle recruitment and correct body alignment to prepare you for the Pilates group classes. Pilates group classes are small. They take a maximum of 8 people per class for the Pilates Mat & Small Equipment classes and a maximum of 5 people for the Large Equipment (Reformers, Towers, Wunda Chair) classes, to ensure quality training. 

Should you need to do a few private classes prior to joining a group class, that can also be arranged. 


How do I book Pilates classes at Pilates Dynamics? 


Contact us on: 

Phone us on: 072 999 2229 or 011 792 5459 

WhatsApp us on: 072 999 2229 

Visit our website on: