Group classes contain a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 people per class.  We also offer pre- and post-natal pilates on a private (1-on-1) and Duo (2 people), Trio (3 people), and Quad (4 people) basis, should you prefer a smaller more personalized and focussed class. 

Pilates is the ideal form of exercise to make your pregnancy and the birth more comfortable.  With its focus on core stability, the pelvic floor, gently strengthening and toning the muscles, it develops good posture which can easily nose-dive during pregnancy.

The following Postural deviations are common during pregnancy due to the structural changes in the body.  As the uterus gets larger, the mother’s center of gravity shifts which may cause some of the following changes:

  • Forward Head
  • Increased cervical lordosis
  • Enlarged breast tissue causing rounded shoulders and increased thoracic kyphosis
  • Increased lumber lordosis
  • Anterior tilted pelvis
  • Hyperextended knees
  • Flattened feet

The focus is on strength, specifically for the abdominals and back muscles. Strong abdominals will assist with posture and the birth of the baby during delivery.  Women who exercise on a regular basis and have stronger abdominals, should experience easier labor and faster recovery from childbirth.

Strong pelvic floor muscles are vital to a woman’s health and sense of well-being, and play a very important role during pregnancy.  They provide a supportive shelf for the viscera and baby as well as a support to the urethra, vaginal vault and rectum.  After months of supporting a baby and the ultimate event of labor and delivery, the pelvic floor muscles become stressed and stretched.  If the muscles are weak and childbirth is traumatic, the pelvic floor may be permanently affected, leading to incontinence.  Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles during the prenatal and postpartum period can help to avoid the common problem of incontinence. 

Pilates is an extremely safe and beneficial exercise for both mother and baby.  By focusing on the postural muscles, pilates will improve your core stability and pelvic-floor strength to prevent incontinence and avoid backache and will improve circulation to aid with swelling during pregnancy and after pregnancy.