8 Benefits of Pregnancy Pilates

Expecting a child is one of the greatest wonders of nature, and a very special and exciting time for any mother-to-be. Considering how special this gift of life is, it is no wonder that pregnant women would go to great lengths to protect their health and the health of their baby. The best way for an expecting mother to do this is by boosting her own wellbeing. The stronger and healthier she is, the better for the unborn baby.

A healthy diet, enough rest, and moderate exercise within reason are all ways to achieve this. But what exactly counts as acceptable activity while pregnant? More and more expecting women are turning to pregnancy Pilates as a healthy way to stay active. Here are some of the reasons why pregnancy Pilates is an excellent way to keep fit and healthy:

Strengthen the Muscles in Your Stomach – Relaxin, a hormone released during pregnancy, causes ligaments to become more flexible, which can lead to injuries. Strengthening your muscles can help you avoid injury and support the growing baby.

Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor – Pregnancy Pilates can help to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. These muscles support the bladder, and strengthening them can help reduce the risk of incontinence that is often experienced by expecting mothers.

Strengthen Your Legs – Pregnancy Pilates will exercise your leg muscles, which could help lessen the risk of cramps in the legs, the retention of fluid, and even varicose veins.

Improve Your Balance – As your posture changes during pregnancy, you may experience feelings of imbalance and clumsiness. Pilates can help improve balance.

Reduce Back Pain – Because many of the movements are focused on engaging your core, these muscles get stronger, which in turn supports your back and alleviates the strain it experiences.

Maintain a Healthy Weight – Regular exercise helps to burn calories and stabilise your weight. While weight gain is normal during pregnancy, excessive gains can lead to complications.

Relaxation – Exercise gives you something else to focus on that is all about you. It also releases endorphins, which helps you relax and feel good.

Improve the Quality of Sleep – Sleeping can be uncomfortable for some pregnant women. Physical activity improves the quality of sleep.

If you are expecting and are interested in taking up pregnancy Pilates, consult your doctor and contact Pilates Dynamics to join our classes that are exclusively for expecting women. Our trained professional instructors will take great care of you and ensure you get the exercise you and your baby need.