What to Expect from a Pilates Class and How to Prepare for It

Going to a Pilates class for the first time can be a little bit daunting. If you have never done it or observed a session, it will probably take you out of your comfort zone. It is unlike other exercises, and while it looks rather gentle and peaceful, be assured that it is probably harder work than you expect. This is also what makes it so great. It is all about controlled movement, and as such, it is absolutely great for your core muscles, as well as overall balance and strength.

What Should You Wear to a Pilates Class?

  • Do not worry about getting fancy footwear. Pilates is usually done without shoes. However, if you are not comfortable going it barefoot, you can consider getting some socks with grip on the soles to avoid slipping.
  • Your first instinct might be to wear loose or baggy clothing to allow for movement. Avoid this. Rather go for clothes that fit your form, yet still allow for easy movement. Baggy clothes will get in your way. Because of the various positions you will find yourself in, loose clothing might also ride up or fall down, revealing more than you would like to.
  • Skip belts, tie-backs, and drawstrings can prove to be very uncomfortable in certain positions during the session, and can get in the way or get stuck in some of the equipment.
  • Avoid accessories, jewellery, and clothing with embellishments, such as oversized buttons, zips, clasps, or buckles. Aside from getting in the way and being uncomfortable or even painful during certain moves or positions, they can also damage the mats.
  • Be aware of your hair. If you have long hair, make sure it is out of your face and tied back.

There is certainly behaviour that is also acceptable (or not) for a Pilates class. Be aware of these and act accordingly:

  • Be on time for your Pilates session out of respect for your instructor and other students.
  • Warm up before your class to improve your flexibility and help you avoid injury.
  • Do not interrupt the session before yours. Wait outside until they are done.
  • Inform your instructor of any injuries, even if you think it is minor, and avoid exercises that cause you pain.
  • Ask if you are unsure about anything.
  • Be wary of fly-by-night classes and teachers without training.

If you want to join a class, contact Pilates Dynamics. We offer a range of different classes for beginners and experts, and will gladly welcome you into this wonderful world of self-discovery and improvement.