What Is Reformer Pilates and Why Should You Try It?

Reformer Pilates is a system of exercises that uses controlled body movements, supported by the use of special equipment, to train muscle groups across the entire human body, with special focus on the core muscles. In addition to improving one’s physical strength and overall fitness, it also enhances flexibility and posture. It is also often used as a way to enhance mental awareness and aid relaxation, which makes it a great holistic mind and body activity.

The Benefits of Reformer Pilates

People have been practising this system of exercises for decades, and the benefits to the mind and body are well-documented. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Improve Your Strength and Muscular Endurance – Reformer Pilates works with sustained resistance during a series of moves, which increases the size, strength and endurance of muscle fibres over time.
  • Build Your Core Strength – Reformer Pilates requires sustained focus on proper technique and form. In order to maintain the correct form, you need to consistently engage the muscles in your abdomen and lower back.
  • Improve Your Overall Stability and Balance – A stronger core leads to better balance. Many of the moves in reformer Pilates also require you to practice your balance.
  • Gain a Better Posture – Not only does this exercise regime strengthen your core, which supports posture, but it also helps to improve your spinal alignment.
  • Become More Flexible and Increase Your Range of Motion – Each exercise requires you to go through the full range of motion, which improves movement and flexibility over time.
  • Tone Your Body and Reduce Your Body Fat – As with any exercise, it increases the number of calories your body uses, which leads to your body burning excess fat (if combined with a balanced diet).
  • Breathe Better – An important part of reformer Pilates is to focus on proper breathing, improving your breathing efficiency, and raising your energy levels during both exercise and rest.
  • Relax and Focus Your Mind – Improved breathing and exercise helps to fight tension and supports your ability to concentrate.

Start Your Journey to Wellbeing Today

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