Services offered at Pilates Dynamics

At Pilates Dynamics we offer an array of services which include Private one-on-one classes as well as Group classes.  In addition to classes for clients, we also offer Pilates Teacher Training courses, for those wishing to become a top-notch and well-respected Pilates Instructor.

What if I have never done Pilates before?

As a beginner, you will be required to do an orientation Pilates session prior to joining a group class. Alternatively, you can join our Private one-on-one classes until you are strong and confident enough to join a group class.

We also cater for special population groups such as Seniors, Kids & Teens, Pre- and Post-Natal clients.

What classes does Pilates Dynamics offer?

We offer the following classes;

1. Pilates Mat and Small Equipment

Mat and Small Equipment group classes are diverse and fun. You are secured of a safe and impactful workout and you will have fun doing it! Classes entail doing exercises on a Mat (using your own body weight) and making use of Small Equipment like;

– Magic Circles (Rings);

– Physio (Big) Balls;

– Small soft balls;

– Weighted Balls;

– Medicine Balls;

– Free Weights;

– Thera-bands;

– Gliding Discs;

– TRX;

– Kettlebells;

– Weighted Aerobic Bars;

– Looped Resistance Bands;

– Trampolines;

– Arc Barrels;

– Ballet Barre; and

– Toning Bars

2. Pilates Large Equipment

You will have full access to quality Pilates Equipment (Machines) and classes are taught under the watchful eyes of our qualified instructors. Our studio is well equipped with Reformers, Cadillacs, Towers, Ladder Barrels, Arc Barrels and Wunda Chairs. 

3. Yoga

Our Yoga classes focus on two Yoga styles: Yinyasa and Hatha.

Vinyasa is also called flow because of the smooth way the poses run together. The continuous sequence of Vinyasa Yoga is also great for getting the heart rate up.

Hatha in most cases will be relatively gentle, slow, and great for beginners or students who prefer a more relaxed style where poses are held for longer. Hatha classes are designed to align and calm your body, mind, and spirit in preparation for meditation. Our Yoga classes can easily be adjusted to suit different fitness levels.

4. Preggy (Pre-Natal)

We host Preggy Yoga and Preggy Pilates classes and they both focus on core stability, gentle strengthening and toning of muscles and the pelvic floor. Yoga and Pilates will help during pregnancy and after giving birth. Improve and develop good posture and circulation and regain your former figure once you have given birth to your baby. Our instructors are specially trained and qualified to host Preggy classes.

Is Pilates Dynamics Covid-19 Compliant?

Yes, our studio remains Covid-19 compliant and we take the safety of our clients, students and staff extremely serious. Our studio is well equipped with high end machines and all our Instructors are professional and highly qualified. We take pride in the services we offer at Pilates Dynamics!

How do I make a booking?

For more information regarding class bookings, or our Internationally recognized Pilates Teacher Training courses, contact us on 072 999 2229 or via

Check out our website via