The Efficacy of Rehabilitation Pilates in the Treatment of Injuries

Recovering from a physical injury can be a frustrating journey. It requires patience and concerted effort to support the necessary healing and recovery. On the one hand, you need to rest and accept the fact that you cannot function as per usual. On the other hand, you also need to keep your muscles active to rebuild strength and avoid further injury, while ensuring that you do not make the original injury worse. The good news is that these seemingly contradictory objectives can be achieved through rehabilitation Pilates.

According to the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies – a peer-reviewed publication that focuses on relevant clinical healthcare – the majority of clinical trials conducted over the last five years on the topic of Pilates as a method of rehabilitation has shown it to be effective in achieving the desired outcomes. This was particularly the case when it came to reducing pain and disability.

Reasons Why Pilates Is Effective for Injury Rehabilitation:

  • It focuses on the core muscles, which supports all movement and balance of the body.
  • It also places focus on pelvic and spinal alignment, which is a vital aspect in getting the human body to move in the way it is intended to, to avoid further injury.
  • The movements are designed to emphasise stability, as well as mobility – often highly important in the recovery process.
  • It includes a combination of movements and exercises that work muscles both statically and dynamically, which allows for targeted exercises.
  • It focuses on functional movements, which is essential for the recovery process.
  • The range of movements and intensity of these exercises are highly adaptable, making it suitable for all types of patients and all stages of the recovery process.
  • It is a mind and body conditioning, which focuses on proper breathing and also acts as a way to relieve stress.

It is important to note that rehabilitation Pilates is not the same as doing this activity at one of your gym classes. For injury recovery, you need the guidance of a trained instructor that can adjust the movements and exercises around your abilities and limitations. Otherwise, you can make the injury worse. The idea is to speed up recovery, rather than push yourself as hard as you can. For professional classes led by expert instructors, contact Pilates Dynamics in Randburg. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience with you on your road to recovery and rehabilitation.