Why Should You Attend Workshops At Pilates Dynamics?


Pilates Dynamics is an Internationally recognized Pilates Teacher Training and Educational Centre that has been offering training since 2006. Our Pilates Teacher Instructor training courses are offered in many countries across the world.


Our trainers are well experienced with excellent educational qualifications in addition to being Pilates certified and as a result they have an in-depth understanding of body mechanics and functional movement. Our training approach is scientific and not just based on Pilates repertoire. 


Which Workshops Are Coming Up Shortly?


Due to popular demand, Pilates Dynamics is offering the following 2 workshops to existing qualified Pilates Instructors who wish to further their knowledge and skills. 



Why Are These Workshops Important?


Posture Theory Workshop: Good posture is important and considering that people spend most of their time in front of computers daily, many people have found themselves with back and neck pain. Posture is also important for balance, which results in fewer injuries. To address clients’ concerns and prior to commence training with a client, it is important to conduct a postural analysis. A Postural Analysis is therefor the first pillar in examining a new client for Pilates therapy. 


On completion of this course, the instructor will be able to perform a full body postural analysis to identify possible muscular imbalances and in doing so, can use the outcome of this information to prepare a well-designed program to mitigate the negative effects of our environment. 


Pilates & Foam Roller workshop: A foam roller is used to release muscular tension and as an instructor you will learn different and creative ways to integrate this small piece of equipment into your programs to make your class either more – or less challenging – depending on your clients’ fitness levels. 


On complexion of this workshop, the instructor will be able to incorporate a Foam Roller safely into their training programs both as a tool to release muscular tension and to make their exercises more challenging as well as using it as an assistive device to achieve certain exercise goals and objectives. The workshop contains a Comprehensive Foam Roller Workout and a Program Flow. 


Who Will Benefit From These Workshops?


The workshops are for qualified Pilates Instructors wanting to expand their level of expertise and knowledge. These workshops are very practical and structured in such a way to create an understanding of the body, together with a Program Flow and exercise examples with variations and modifications. 


Are The Workshops Repssa Endorsed?


Yes, these workshops are rewarded 2 CPD points by REPSSA (Register of Exercise Professionals South Africa). Upon completion of the workshops, Pilates Dynamics will present the student with a letter of attendance. 


How Do I Sign Up?


Visit the Workshop page, complete the application form and make payment to secure your booking. Banking details are provided at the bottom of the application form.