Lately everywhere you find a group of women gathering, all you hear is women talking about how tired and exhausted they are from juggling all the roles they must take in the society. Women’s month has given everyone more time to reflect and with that in mind, Pilates Dynamics has decided to host a Wellness Day event on the 5th of November, between 12h00 and 15h00.

This event will give women an opportunity to mix and mingle with each other in our beautiful tropical gardens and we have so many things lined up including attending limitless Pilates Mat & Machine Classes as well. Most people compare Yoga and Pilates and think it is the same, but Pilates is a little bit more complicated and specific and helps you to learn correct muscle recruitment, body, and postural alignment, toning the body, weight loss, body sculpting and all those good things. Nothing comes easy of course and it takes consistency to achieve the best results. The best thing about Pilates is that it is not only good for your body, but it also helps to improve your mind and spirit (you can read all about the benefits of Pilates in our blog with this title)

On this wellness day event, we plan to have IV drips set up for all different kinds of things and these may include but are not limited to a Flawless skin drip, Sports Endurance drip, Post-Covid Support, Hangover or Jet lag drip, Hydration, and Immune boost. These drips will be given at Pilates Dynamics by medical professionals.  Each option has different relevant ingredients and so you will be able to choose exactly what it is you need. Sometimes we all need that extra boost and help to carry us through – and what other way other than doing it after your day of pampering and meeting new different people.

In addition to the above IV drips, there will be Refreshments available as well as a qualified Nurse to do finger stick blood tests to measure glucose, haemoglobin, ketone, lactate levels etc.  There will be an attendance all-inclusive fee of R250 this event (excluding cost of IV drips) so hurry on as it is subject to availability.

Overall physical wellness encourages the balance of physical activity, nutrition, and mental well-being to keep your body in great condition. It always feels great to nurture personal responsibility for your own health.

Now, we all already know the benefits of Pilates based on previous blogs. If you have not checked it out yet you can do so by scrolling down on our page. Let’s talk about the Importance of having an IV drip every now and again: –

  • IV therapy is well known for its ability to hydrate your body and help you feel our best.
  • Treating some nutrient deficiencies by improving some conditions that affect your digestive tract, cystic fibrosis, and ulcerative colitis among many others.
  • IV drips can also help you with skin tone, texture and clarity and they help you feel better more quickly than consuming just water or food.
  • With so many kinds of Vitamins and supplements available, IV therapy can also help you to promote faster weight loss
  • Curing hangover symptoms like headaches, muscle aches, fatigue, excessive thirst, nausea, or stomach pains
  • Increasing energy levels as nutrients like amino acids help you replace the constant need for things like coffee, sodas and other caffeinated drinks that flood your body with unnecessary sugars
  • Promotes better cardiovascular health
  • Eases anxiety and promotes relaxation by calming your feelings of anxiety, promoting a good night’s sleep, relaxes muscles, and supporting immune function

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