“Yoga is a way to freedom. By its constant practice, we can free ourselves from fear, anguish and loneliness”

-Indra Devi

Learning to keep yourself healthy is not only about focusing on the physical aspects of our bodies but also taking care of our mental state. Most times when people think about exercising, they are only focusing on the physical well-being of their bodies but with Yoga and Pilates, not only are you getting your body right, but you are also freeing your mind and putting it at ease in a zen environment.


What can Yoga and Pilates do for your mental health?


Exercising in general will enhance your mood because we have endorphins being released by our bodies due to movement.


Pilates and Yoga tame your stress.


Yoga has proven time and again to be a compelling stress reliever. With Yoga, it is noted that it helps to reduce stress because of the response our bodies take within the nervous system. Breathing practices assist with blood circulation and teaches us how to breathe in a way that helps to alleviate the nervous system. By so doing, one will start realising that they have less stress, fatigue and even anxiety as they would have adopted an advanced feeling of calmness and general well-being. Pilates on the other hand help to decrease a hormone in our bodies called cortisol. It in turn increases the endorphins in our bodies which are otherwise known as the “feel-good” chemicals which give us a natural push in the hormones. This will help you to just kick back and relax.


Better sleep


Oh Yes! Getting better sleep is always an attention grabber. Consistently taking Pilates classes has shown a significant change in most people’s sleep patterns. The relaxation you get from Yoga and Pilates improves your quality of sleep and yes, this is something most people chase after as it helps to fight insomnia. When one sleeps well, they tend to have more energy and when they wake up, they feel well rested and ready to take on the day. With all these incredible benefits to your mental health, booking your class with Pilates Dynamics is the best treat you can get yourself this holiday season.


The nature of the season we are currently in is very confusing. Most people end up feeling like they are losing out on so many things as we have little control due to the pandemic. Just thinking about all the things, we must endure is stressful enough on its own. However, you committing to a bit of movement gives your body the release of endorphins it needs to enable you to get to your next task of the day.


Purposefully giving your body the time, it needs to move gives it the go ahead to move in motions that will naturally feel good to us as we prepare for all our forth coming moments. Constant practice helps keep us grounded in our bodies even when everything around us is changing.


Sometimes we are scared to start new things but how are we going to have favourites if we do not keep exploring?


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