There’s that moment in life where you have to figure out where your focus for adulthood life should be. Or perhaps you feel that it is time to make a career change. Making such important decisions has never been easy, and if you enjoy exercise and assisting people to become their best at whatever sport they do, or you enjoy assisting people with light rehabilitation, then becoming a Pilates Instructor/Trainer is a great decision. 

Here are some insightful questions that you should consider when thinking about becoming a Pilates Instructor and enrolling for a Pilates Mat or Pilates Comprehensive Course.

What is the Pilates method all about?

The Pilates method is a method of exercise and physical movement designed to stretch, strengthen, and create balance in the body.   With the systematic practice of specific exercises coupled with a very focused breathing pattern, Pilates is an invaluable fitness regime and important addition to any professional sports training and physical rehabilitation program of any kind.

Pilates classes are generally offered in 3 formats, which are:


  1. Group and Private Mat & Small equipment classes;
  2. Group and Private Reformer classes; and
  3. Group and Private Large Equipment classes where clients work on the full range of Pilates apparatus with spring tension, like the Reformer, Cadillac (Trapeze Table) Ladder Barrel and Arc/Spine Corrector Barrels, Wunda Chairs and Towers.


The value of Pilates is recognized by all mainstream cultures and is an exercise method which has been adopted by top celebrities, dancers, sportsmen and sportswomen globally.  Pilates is popular in gyms, sports, and health centres and has become a popular alternative and supportive training method to enhance the benefits of  HIIT, Tabata, CrossFit, Compound and Resistant trainers.

What does a Pilates Instructor do?

Pilates Instructors help clients improve their posture and muscle strength, this is done by doing physically and mentally balanced exercise that assist in enhancing their flexibility, co-ordination, core strength and proprioception with a series of body movement in a flow that helps to teach them how to control their breathwork and movements in the correct way.  Breathing is an important part, as certain muscles function more optimally with the use of a certain breathing pattern.

Pilates is done with the end goal in mind, whether that is to increase movement range, strengthen muscles around the joints, improve power, reduce pain, or to improve mobility.  No class is ever the same and programs and exercises are delivered scientifically and in a functional manner.

Workouts are done with several small equipment and props incorporated either on a Pilates Mat or on Pilates Large Machines.

How long does it take to become a Pilates Instructor?
  1. Pilates Mat (including Small Equipment) Courses can take anywhere between 3 to 6 months to complete, depending on the amount of time you have available to complete the practical hours.  Once you have completed this course, you can immediately start training and earn an income.
  2. Pilates Reformer Courses can also take anywhere between 3 to 6 months to complete and again depends on how quickly you are able to complete the practical hours.  A pre-requisite to completing the Reformer Course is a Pilates Mat Course, under 1 above.
  3. The Pilates Comprehensive Conversion Course is popular with qualified Pilates Mat Instructors who are eager to expand their repertoire, by qualifying on ALL the Pilates Large Equipment (machines), which on completion of this course, will make the student a Comprehensively Qualified Pilates Instructor.
  4. Alternatively, the Pilates Comprehensive Course can be done from the start.  This course combines the Pilates Mat (including Small Equipment) Course and the Pilates Comprehensive Conversion Course which covers ALL the Pilates Large Equipment (machines).  This course can take anywhere between 6 and 12 months to complete, depending on how quickly you can complete the practical hours.
Is it worth it to become a Pilates Instructor?
  1. Being a Pilates instructor is hard on the body, voice and energy levels, but is worth it for the people you meet, the lives you change and the lifestyle you are able to live.  As with anything else in life, it makes a big difference when you are working hard at something you love doing and something that you are passionate about.


    Being a Pilates Instructor makes travelling more accessible.  With a quality Pilates qualification, you can teach in other countries or on cruise ships.  If you are not yet ready to start your own studio as a Pilates Instructor or to give up your day-time job, you can join a gym or a studio and either work full time or work as a part-time Pilates Instructor.  Either way, you can determine your own hours. Pilates is a great avenue to create additional income, as a part-time Pilates Instructor.

How much does it cost to become a Pilates Instructor?
  1. At Pilates Dynamics, the following course fees apply:-

    Pilates Mat Course (including Small Equipment):

    Group Fees are R11 800 (Vat inclusive)

    Private Fees (one-on-one tuition) are approximately R14 500 (Vat inclusive)

    – Group Exam fees are additional at R940

    – Private exam fees are subject to confirmation with the studio

    Pilates Reformer Course:

    Group Fees are R8 500 (Vat inclusive)

    Private Fees (one-on-one tuition) are R10 200 (Vat inclusive)

    – Group Exam fees are additional at R940

    – Private exam fees are subject to confirmation with the studio

    Pilates Comprehensive Conversion Course:

    Group Fees are R18 000 (Vat inclusive)

    Private Fees (one-on-one tuition) are R21 850 (Vat inclusive)

    – Group Exam fees are additional at R1 320

     -Private exam fees are subject to confirmation with the studio

    Pilates Comprehensive Course: (Mat & All Large Equipment)

    Group Fees are R32 000 (Vat inclusive)

    Private Fees (one-on-one tuition) are R34 600 (Vat inclusive)

    – Group Exam Fees are additional at R1 320

    – Private exam fees are subject to confirmation with the studio

    All above courses include study materials and an exercise video library and includes access to the studio where practical and observation hours can be completed.

What qualifications do I need to become a Pilates Instructor?
    • It is important to have some exercise background.  Having a knowledge of human anatomy and/or a qualification in Fitness or Exercise Science can be handy.
    • Any sporting and/or dancing background will also be beneficial to studying the Pilates Method.
    • Having knowledge and having attended Pilates Classes is important to understand the method.  If you have not done any Pilates Classes yet, you will need to enrol for a minimum of 10 Pilates classes @Pilates Dynamics prior to starting your Pilates journey with us.
    • You will need to be matriculated.
    • Prior experience in an athletic activity which develops body awareness are beneficial.
    • Teaching experience is also recommended and any past teaching experience even if it was in an unrelated field, will be beneficial in teaching Pilates as an Instructor.
What are some of the qualities that one needs to be a Pilates Instructor?
    • Be extremely patient, but also firm enough to ensure that your clients achieve their goals.
    • Have a positive and warm personality and ability to adapt to people’s moods.
    • Excellent motivational skills, as your client needs them.
    • Time conscious.
    • A professional appearance and conduct
    • A need to continuing learning and education to enhance skills and knowledge.
What are the Benefits of being an Instructor?
    • Meeting new people and exploring different personalities can be both exciting and intimidating, so you will need to be able to deal with the latter.
    • Having flexible working hours and hopefully getting to be your own boss one day.
    • Wearing comfortable clothes every day.
    • One of the most heartfelt moments in this industry is when your client appreciates the effort and the push you gave in helping them achieve their goals.
    • Enjoy learning and developing, because in this field you never stop learning.
    • As a Pilates instructor health and fitness is literally your job and lifestyle and by teaching other people daily, you are keeping yourself active and healthy.
    • Teaching is rewarding and life-changing because it allows you to be a positive force in people’s lives.
    • Pilates Instructor jobs are always in demand around the world, so opportunities are a plenty.
Where can I study to become a Pilates Instructor / Pilates Trainer?

Pilates Dynamics provides the following Pilates Instructor courses:-


  1. Pilates Mat and Small Equipment course;
  2. Pilates Reformer Course;
  3. Pilates Comprehensive Conversion Course (All the Pilates Large Machines); and
  4. Pilates Comprehensive course (Pilates Mat, Small and All the Pilates Large Machines).


We provide our students with in-depth courses covering the following; 


  • Mat Levels 1; 2 & 3 (Basic to Advance);
  • History of Pilates;
  • Code of Ethics & Practice;
  • Guidelines for Teaching and Professionalism;
  • Anatomy;
  • Faulty Posture Patterns;
  • Injuries & Pathologies;
  • Exercise Recommendations & Contra-indications;
  • Exercise Adaption (Variations & Modifications);
  • Pregnancy;
  • Muscle and Goal description per exercise;
  • Various Use of Props & Small Equipment (incl. Barre & TRX);
  • Program Flow & Program examples;
  • Teaching & Cueing Skills
  • Basic to Advanced level exercises on the Pilates Machines, which are: Reformers; Cadillacs; Chairs; Towers; Ladder Barrels; and Spine and Arc Barrels.
  • Muscle Imbalances
  • Auto-Immune Diseases
  •  2 Practical Tutorials are included


The Pilates Dynamics Teacher Training program is rigorous and meticulous.  Students are taught how to observe the biomechanics of the body, offer corrections, and deliver a safe and effective workout in line with a clients’ individual needs.  It is important to get our students ready for the “Harvard” of the Pilates Training world.


We are here to teach you how to teach and not just what to teach.

Does Pilates Dynamics offer In-Studio as well as Online Pilates Teacher Training Courses?

Pilates Dynamics offer In-Studio as well as Online Pilates Training courses.  If you live outside the borders of Johannesburg, you can do the same course – using the same materials – via our online student portal.  All lectures are live on the Zoom platform and all you will need is good Wi-Fi connectivity.

Pilates Dynamics also offer on-line Pilates classes, so that you can continue to engage in our Pilates training method.

What is the course endorsements/recognition?
      • Our Courses have been allocated 20 CPD points (Continuing Professional Developing point system) by REPSSA, who is the Register of Exercise Professionals in South Africa, which recognizes qualifications and expertise.  REPSSA set an international standard bench-mark and run across the whole of Europe, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, U.A.E., Canada, Belgium, Poland, USA, and South Africa.
      • Pilates Dynamics is affiliated to the Pilates Education Institute in the USA which is a worldwide Pilates Educator with a renowned curriculum utilized in the USA and abroad.
      • Our Courses are in line with the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) requirements and our Program Director is a member of the PMA.  The PMA is a 3rd party non-profit organization whose purpose it is to establish quality within the international Pilates community to ensure safety and maintain high standards.
      • Our Courses are endorsed by BASA (Biokinetics Association of South Africa.)
      1. Pilates Mat Course – PPB008/B002/2019/00665 Level 2 – 24 CPD points
      2. Pilates Comprehensive Course – PPB008/B002/2020/00678 – Level 2 – 30 CPD points
      3. Pilates Comprehensive Conversion Course – PPB008/B002/2019/00666 – Level 2 – 30 CPD points
Where can I work after qualifying as a Pilates Instructor?

You can either join our studio at Pilates Dynamics or you can work at a Pilates studio or Fitness facility anywhere in the world.

Where can I get more info about the Pilates courses at Pilates Dynamics? 

Contact us for more information