Will you be my Pilates partner for Valentines?

What are your combined goals this year?

As couples we are always setting goals for things that we aspire to do together. These goals range from traveling to new vibrant places to trying out some exotic restaurants around town. We come together as one, sharing our passions, hobbies and dreams.

I believe it is fair to say partners have an influence on each other and your significant other can even be all the motivation you need. Studies show that couples tend to mirror each other’s habits which include health habits. As a couple, one of the goals should definitely be optimal health and wellness.

Benefits of Pilates with a partner:

(It is the electronic age; it is pretty much normal to move through life without giving much thought or attention to the health of our relationships)

  • Quality time with your significant other which encourages you to pay attention to physical well-being.
  • It will enhance a different line of communication between you and your partner while presenting a great opportunity to learn new things about your partner.
  • Gain strength together which will increase both your confidence.
  • Enhance flexibility.
  • Improved joint health so that you and your partner can continue doing what your enjoy while you age.
  • It will lead to a healthier lifestyle together reducing the number of sedentary activities you engage in.
  • Besides Pilates being a form of exercise, it is a great means of forming connections between the mind and the body enhancing the connection between the two of you.

If you are thinking of the perfect valentine’s day gift, this might be the time to pop the question

“will you be my Pilates Partner”?

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