Why Yoga and Pilates Go Perfectly Together

So, you have decided to start exercising regularly, or you are bored with your regular workout routine and want to try Pilates or yoga, but how do you choose between the two? Well, you don’t have to. In fact, the two go perfectly together.

What is life without a little bit of variety? Instead of choosing between the two, why not add both to your new weekly workout routine? This will prevent you from getting bored, which can easily happen if you do the same workout every day.

Here Are a Few Reasons Why Pilates and Yoga Go Perfectly Together:

  • They both promote body awareness: Thanks to the slow and controlled movements in both yoga and Pilates, as well as the detailed instructions from your teachers, both of these physical activities can help you develop body awareness. Being in tune with your body will help you greatly throughout your life and you will be less likely to do things like over-exercise. During classes, you are typically encouraged to listen to your body and what it needs. You learn to notice when you should rather take it easy and when you can push yourself, which will help greatly in terms of preventing injuries.
  • They help build strength and flexibility: While Pilates is known for developing core strength and yoga is known for improving flexibility, they work really well together. Yoga also helps you to develop core strength and Pilates classes are wonderful for improving flexibility and muscle mobility, even if the stretches are not as deep as in yoga. If building strength and becoming more flexible are some of your personal goals, then combining these two workouts could perhaps fast-track your results.
  • They both promote balance: If there is one thing you want to focus on as you become older, it is improving your balance. If you have good balance, your chances of falling and becoming injured as you age reduce dramatically.
  • They both encourage proper breathing: While you might be breathing enough to keep you alive, are you breathing deeply enough to get many of the benefits of doing breathing exercises? These benefits include reduced blood pressure, a reduction of cortisol levels, and an overall sense of calm. If you are new to breathing exercises, consider going to yoga and Pilates classes, as the instructors will guide you through breathing exercises and help you to perfect them. Whenever you are stressed or anxious, deep breathing exercises can be a lifesaver.

We offer both yoga and Pilates classes at our studio in Randburg. Take a look at our class timetable and rates and get started on your new workout programme today.