Mat Pilates classes incorporate exercises done on the mat, using your own body weight, together with a big variety of small apparatus/props such as: Magic Circles (Rings), Physio Balls, Small soft balls, Weighted Balls, Medicine Balls, Free Weights, Thera-bands, Gliding Discs, TRX, Kettlebells, Weighted Aerobic Bars, Looped Resistance Bands, Trampolines, Arc Barrels, Ballet Barre, etc….. Mat exercises are either performed lying down, seated, on the knees, or standing on the floor – incorporating any of the above variety of small apparatus.  Aside from a serious focus on abdominal work, Pilates mat work includes a series of ever-changing exercises to work the inner and outer thighs, as well as a series of exercises to strengthen the back, hamstrings, glutes and arms.  Ballet Barre and TRX are incorporated into our Group and Private Mat classes.   The Ballet Barre is a fusion of Pilates, Dance, Yoga and Ballet combined with fluid athletic and strength training and is fully expandable and adaptable to any client base.  Exercises can be modified for beginners, pre- and post-natal clients or clients with injuries, and can also be amplified for advanced clients that are looking for an extreme challenge.

Incorporating the TRX into our Pilates Mat & Small Equipment is a great way of offering suspension training to enable the execution of multi-planar exercises just the way we do in everyday exercise or during sports.  TRX exercises do not require that you sit down and do an exercise focused on one isolated muscle in a single plane.  Sitting down while doing exercises lessens the opportunity to develop postural and stabilizing muscles that are critical for effective movement.  The TRX also involves multiple muscle groups during a singe exercise, making several muscles work together as a single unit which increases muscle co-ordination and strength.  Anyone can use the TRX due to its versatility and the TRX improves your cardiovascular endurance.  

Classes are never the same and each class is different and full of variety.  The focus is a full body workout, whilst ensuring that the principles of pilates is adhered to. Our pilates workouts are designed to emphasize the correct biomechanics of movement to increase strength, flexibility, stamina, posture and dynamic stability.  Programs are geared for everyone – no experience required!  You will be getting not only the safest and most impacting workout – but will have fun doing it!   

Our professional Instructors are all fully qualified and certified both internationally and nationally and your safety is their concern.  One of our requirements is that you do an orientation class (which is a private class) before joining a group class, so that we can teach you the basic movements of pilates together with correct body alignment, breathing and muscle engagement.  Our Instructors will keep a close eye on you and assist you in the group classes during the execution of the movements. 

Group Classes are limited to a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 people per class, to ensure that you get the individual attention you deserve.  We also offer Pilates Mat & Small Equipment on a private (1-on-1), duo (2 people), trio (3 people) or quad (4 people) basis.  This makes it easy for a family or small group of friends to have their own individualised private or small group classes.