Client Testimonials

I cannot even begin to express the happiness i have encountered by going to Pilates Dynamics. At first I was hesitant to go to a public place due to the pandemic but when i got there, it was so clean and all covid measures were being taken into consideration. The service from the moment i made enquiries to the moment i attended my class was exceptional. I enjoyed my Pilates class so much i have even brought a friend and we both absolutely love it.

– Natasha

“Andriesa, I am very impressed with Maureen’s progress since she started with you. Your functional approach is admirable. Great job.”

-Dr Travis (Chiropractor)

I started my private pilates class recently due to lower back pains. I spoke to Natasha. She was awesome and assisted with organizing my first class and she explained everything in detail.

Shenaaz is my instructor. She is friendly, patient with me, professional and is the best instructor you can ask for. I’ve had 3 lessons and my back pain is already a lot better than before.

Definitely recommend Pilates Dynamics

Kirei Pop

I have been attending their classes weekly for the past 2 years. I used to do Pilates classes at the gym, but quit the gym when I realised how much more value I get from going to Pilates Dynamics. The classes are small and you get proper instruction. My gains are so much more

Maria Chou

“I am super satisfied with the training sessions we have been having of late – the attention to detail has improved tremendously in certain sessions as well. I thoroughly enjoy the classes as they vary from class to class – and there is always that challenge to try out and the space is always there to step up a bit. And delighted that we also have gone into work outs that involve the back and the hips as well – as that is where the ladies keep a lot of tension. My back has noticeably strengthened since I went back to your classes – I can feel a difference when doing my yoga and having to carry heavy items. I was relieved that the studio offered to make arrangements during that short period of stricter lockdown and also for being mindful of my back injury flare ups. I love the atmosphere we have created with the other ladies and it is something I look forward to every week – it is homey, grounding and safe.” 

Olga Saavedra


“I was frustrated and really did not understand why the standards required to pass this course were so high. But I can truly say with confidence that doing my Pilates Mat Course with Pilates Dynamics made me stand out above other instructors (BASI certification). I have no regrets whatsoever and know that the standard expected during this Internationally qualified Pilates Mat Instructor course is really worthwhile at the end.

Thank you Andriesa and Pilates Dynamics Studio for everything that you have done for me always pushing not just me but all students to our outmost potential.”

Charmaine Valkenburg

“Peaceful , clean and mind blowing touch of nature while getting the best experience with great instructors with you every stretch of the way.”

Jacob Magoro

“My daughter attends private lessons here. She really enjoys it. She finds it great fun. It has helped her keep fit and strong.” 

Natalie Els

“The studio is clean and organized, following strict Covid protocol and it offers a Peaceful and comfortable environment. The instructors are well educated and knowledgeable as well as the classes are challenging and fun. Not only do you get stronger but also learn how to work with your specific body type and optimize your health and wellness.” 

Samantha Richter

“Pilates Dynamics is a well-equipped studio with strict Covid Protocols. I am working towards completing my Pilates Mat course and find it structured, well organised and of a high standard. The experienced instructors are always willing to give advice and guidance”. 

Mariette Paul

“Welcoming environment and always accurate, strictly professional all protocols observed and I lost a bit of weight here and there.”

MolemoGrace Molubi

“This is a place where you can come to not only get an overall work out, but to also learn to work with your body effectively. Understanding your strengths and limitations. In addition developing those limitations suited to what your body needs.

I truly and wholeheartedly recommend Pilates dynamics for a peace of mind. There programs for kids, men, women and the elderly. It is a positive outlet given our current times, plus they follow all Covid 19 regulations”.

Lebogang Mokotla

“Completing my mat pilates course @pilatesDynamics as been one of the most fruitful experiences. The support and assistance @pilatesDynamics is remarkable with an open door policy to all students, this makes you feel welcomed to ask for assistance at anytime without being scared (you know as students we always fear asking questions lol) . I love the fact that the studio is so well equipped and maintained”. 💯 ❤️

Shenaaz Msusa

“First year of doing Pilates after being adviced by my Physio. Obviously its a scary experience trying something new, but I went in with hope that I will actually love it. The environment at Pilates Dynamics is warm, it feels like an escape into the oasis, I had a private class with Shenaaz, one of the instructors and she was welcoming and excited about helping me. I immediately felt safe like I belonged, I have been taking classes there since, my spinal pains have become so much better, I am more flexible than before, I enjoy exercising and with every class I get hungry for more. I would recommend Pilates Dynamics to anyone regardless of age, this is a more fun way of working out”.

Bokang Rantsebe

“Great service, no regrets, definitely heading back there 👌

John Lekota

“A wonderful atmosphere with great instructors. Every session is revitalising” 

Amina Msusa

“Gorgeous outdoor place to workout. It did wonders for me, not just physically but mentally too”.

Zintathu Mazamane

“I had so much fun and gained good body muscle without feeling the pain, it was effective and effortless.”

Shudufhadzo Mulaudzi

“Pilates Dynamics is exactly what it is, an absolutely amazing experience. Professionally run by the Dynamic owner, Andriesa Verloop with clean professional equipped studios. The floors, the variety of equipment and exercises to help you develop and maintain each muscle in your body, the professional trained staff to help you to achieve those goals. A full mind and body experience. Such a positive attitude and environment and I can fully recommend Pilates Dynamics to anyone.”

Louisa Eliza Benecke

“I am currently doing a Mat Pilates Instructors course and I am loving it! Andriesa (our lecturer) is incredible! She is very knowledgeable and our lectures are so interesting! Not only does she carry herself with such poise but she is very open to any form of questions! In addition Raquel who has been helping us on the admin side, is extremely efficient and has a lovely online manor! I would highly recommend this studio to anyone!”

Natasha van Blerk

“I’ve only experienced great service from them! Would definitely recommend them.”

Chantelle Minnie

“I have done a few of the Pilates Dynamics on line classes and I was impressed with the high level of training!”

Helga Elijah

“Excellent, challenging classes with Tash at Pilates Dynamics. Tash always ensures personal attention and posture correction, which makes my muscles work!”

-Caron Lawrence

“I can suggest Pilates Dynamics to everyone who is looking for qualified trainers. The studio is always very clean and very well equipped. I love it here!”

-Sam Fourie

“Excellent, challenging classes with Tash at Pilates Dynamics. Tash always ensures personal attention and posture correction, which makes my muscles work!”

-Caron Lawrence

“I can suggest Pilates Dynamics to everyone who is looking for qualified trainers. The studio is always very clean and very well equipped. I love it here!”

-Sam Fourie

“I found Pilates Dynamics an exceptional quality institute for Pilates. Andriesa is very inspiring, motivational and has a great depth of knowledge. I cannot recommend this Pilates Instructor Course more highly.”

-Karen Venter

“It has been a wonderful experience and the effort put in by the instructors is paying off for me. I do not have any back problems and am getting more & more strength and flexibility. I would recommend it to anyone. Pilates Dynamics have great Instructors!!”

-Steven Smith

“Pilates Dynamics instructors is patient, inventive, understanding and completely committed to my requirements, adapting our lessons to suit my needs (problem shoulder and neck!) on the spur of the moment if necessary, whilst still giving me a full workout. They are also extremely encouraging and always has a smile. The instructor really makes me want to come to my lesson, and I feel guilty for letting them down when I can’t make it because they put so much love and enthusiasm into each session. Thank you so much !”

Hilary Jenkins

“I can honestly say Pilates has had the most positive impact on my life, I have not only experienced weight loss and built strength but I feel healthier, am more motivated and flexible. The sessions are intense and you can feel it working immediately and the studio is a pleasant, serene environment where you can just forget about the stresses of the day. Pilates has changed my lifestyle, it’s a part of my day, it’s a part of me!”

-Morgan Reedy

“I am in the process of completing my Pilates Mat certification through Pilates Dynamics. This year (2020) has definitely thrown a curve ball when it comes to pilates training, I have been very impressed with their ability to adapt to the circumstances. I have really enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone.”

-Nicole Batchelor

“I’ve attended 10 Private Pilates classes at Pilates Dynamics. Each class is unique, I’ve gained muscle strength, and noticed an improvement in my posture and overall awareness of my body. Tranquil environment that facilitates ones well being.”

Nafeesa Bhayat

My 13 year old daughter attends one on one classes at Pilate Dynamics twice a week and we are so happy with their service. The whole environment at the studio is peaceful and we are always greeted with a friendly face. Megs absolutely loves her instructor, Tash, and when asked if she would like to cut down her sessions to once a week the answer I got was ‘Absolutely no way mum’! Thank you Pilates Dynamics for the wonderful service you offer us!

Janelle Freese

The instructors are amazing. They set challenging classes and place special focus on individual needs. It’s been great to see an improvement in my posture and strength each week. The studios and garden provide for a relaxing environment and the owner, Andriesa, is more focused on quality than quantity. Would definitely recommend Pilates Dynamics!

Steph Long

I have been going to Pilates Dynamics for the last three years and have had nothing but friendly and professional coaching. Even in the group class I have received very personal coaching. Since attending the classes I have seen huge improvement in flexibility and core strength which has enabled me to overcome a prior back injury. Would definitely recommend Pilates Dynamics to anyone wanting to take up Pilates.

Aeren Young

As a complete newcomer to Pilates I have always hesitated to sign up not sure I am able to follow and get the most out of a session but working with Andriesa has been amazing. She puts in a lot of thought beforehand to ensure that each session not only works out my ‘problem’ areas but also keeps it challenging but not overwhelming so that I look forward to returning each time. I also like the space very much the studio is like a little oasis of calm.

Umbereen Mirza

I had the opportunity to work with Andriesa, the owner at Pilates Dynamics, and I truly enjoyed my experience. Their vision and expertise really gave me the reassurance I needed to continue to work with Pilates Dynamics and their team!

Richy Burns

I completed my Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training at Pilates Dynamics in May 2019. The course material was very detailed and my course instructor was well trained and qualified. The studio is in beautiful surroundings and fully equipped. I would recommend this course.

-Liz K

he fact that Pilates Dynamics offer internationally accredited certified pilates courses was my main reason why I’ve decided to do my training through them.

I’m glad that I’ve came across the studio as one simply never stops learning and the standards of the courses are really high. It’s not about just doing exercises, it’s about the human body! The ten principles of pilates (awareness, balance, breath, control, precision, etc) really shows thanks to the in depth training.

Pilates Dynamics is a fully equipped studio with very well trained instructors. After I have completed my pilates mat course, the opportunity was given to me to work at the studio while studying towards my pilates equipment certificate. Being part of a team of instructors who are well trained with an in depth type of teaching made me realize again how high the standards are at Pilates Dynamics. Not only do you learn from the study material and workshops but also from the rest of the team members / instructors because they’ve set the bar high and don’t you dare drop it!

It’s an absolute honor to work with each and every client as an individual whose bodies and needs differ from one another which keeps the challenge and learning process going. They definitely make it worthwhile.

A big shout out to Pilates Dynamics!

-Marine Calitz

On my way home from my session with Andriesa just now, I realised just how lucky I am to have found Pilates Dynamics, and Andriesa in particular. From an exercise level, starting Pilates is second only to finding my life’s passion as a scuba diver and instructor, both very late in life!

I have experienced a number of instructors in the years I have been coming to the centre, all of whom have been excellent in different ways, but I have been blessed to have Andriesa as my instructor each time someone has left – she is patient, kind and understanding, and knows exactly what needs to be done to meet my specific requirements. I hope to now keep her as my permanent instructor… Pilates Dynamics has also been very flexible regarding my training sessions rescheduling. I am often away from home for work, and their ability to fit me in somewhere else to make up missed classes is amazing.

Long may I continue my classes! Thank you so much for everything ladies!

-Hilary Jenkins

I can suggest Pilates Dynamics to everyone who is looking for qualified trainers. I am doing my prenatal Pilates private lessons with instructors, who is very professional and well prepared and dose there jobs with great passion. The studio is always very clean and very well equipped.

-Giorgia Mariucci

Me and my daughter enjoy private classes with Pilates Dynamics, with the best instructors. Every week, they prepare a lesson for us to meet our needs. Six months further, and I can do so much more and even lost weight. Thank you Pilates Dynamics.

-Bets de Jager

We have found our instructor to be very professional and caring. She gives much thought to her exercise programs and takes into account our age and the fact that we are beginners – starting Pilates in one’s seventies is very exciting as well as daunting! Our classes are fun and our “aged” bodies are not given exercise we cannot cope with. Thank you to the Pilates Dynamics team, we hope to still be with you in our nineties!

-Jenny & Wendy

I have been attending classes at this studio for almost 8 years and I have enjoyed every class. The instructors are knowledgeable and open to adjusting exercises to each persons ability, the classes are also small and well managed. I would recommend Pilates Dynamics to anyone looking to increase their strength and find ways to manage their fitness safely.

-Alexandra Linnell

We are loving the stretches during the sessions as it has improved a pinch . We love the way that we are able to strengthen our core in creative ways while not straining our necks. We can definitely feel a difference in our posture! Thank you very much Pilates Dynamics!

-Judy & Berry Pavey – Pensioners from Randburg

I can’t believe the difference Pilates has made to the positioning of my shoulder! No longer do they live around my ears! And the reduction in the first-thing-in-the-morning-aches since coming to Pilates has made getting going in the mornings much easier. Pilates is definitely improving my posture and general feeling of well being.

-Hilary Jenkins

I thoroughly enjoy my Reformer classes . the instructor is incredibly attentive to detail and doesn’t let me take the easy way out of any exercise. As a result, I have become more aware of my own body and its capabilities. Instead of trying to go easy on myself, I’ve come to enjoy pushing my body and using the correct muscles and form to get each exercise right.

-Stephanie Byl

It’s year 3 for me at Pilates Dynamics and I love my classes. My back pain has gone and I am a much happier person. Thanks to the trainer! She clearly explains what to do, how to do it and then examines your moves to ensure that you are exerting yourself to the correct areas for maximum workout BUT at no risk of pain.

-Tracy Cloete

Really love Hot Pilates, it is intense, fun and hard work! But with every session I can feel my endurance getting better. I like pushing myself so I will definitely.

-Mareli Steenkamp

This was our 1st Hot Pilates class. Wow! It was awesome but challenging at times. We really enjoyed the strength that we are slowly beginning to see.

-Megan & John Andersen

“Just wanted to extend a huge thank you. My Chiro is very happy with my progress. Down to only going monthly rather than weekly. A long road ahead but feeling positive”




“What a privilege to work at such a stunning studio in Frankfurt.  Andriesa Benecke Verloop thank you so much for the good wishes.  I will be teaching Reformer classes.  Some of my best memories are working at your studio @Pilatesdynamics.  I learnt so much, thank you for that!”

Tanya Keating



“The environment is so calming and relaxing. The administrator Natasha is wonderful, and our instructor Kristen is the absolute best. I’m so happy that I have tried the classes here and I will continue to go back.”

Ulika Gopichund


I enjoyed my courses at Pilates Dynamics. The Instructors were so patient with me and they helped me power through even when I thought I wouldn’t make it. 100% recommend them”.

Nomalanga Ndlovu


“I studied with Pilates Dynamics for my Instructor courses, and I have never regretted visiting that studio. Started off with classes and I fell in love with Pilates. A year later I quit my job as a director of a marketing team to be a Pilates Instructor, and I have no regrets. I am based in the UK now and I have a studio here. I have been a teacher for about 5 years now. I always had a love for Pilates, but I was always scared of leaving my job and starting over. I think the thing that always surprises me is the mental well-being aspect of it too. No need to be extreme you can start by doing both and move at your own pace. It opened international doors for me, and you could benefit too one way or the other. It does not hurt to try”.

Taylor Stewart


“I’ve been taking Pilates classes at Pilates Dynamics® for over 3 months now and I can confidently say that it has changed my life. The instructors are amazing and always make me feel welcome and supported in the class. They provide individual attention which helps me improve my technique with every class. In just a few months, I’ve noticed a significant improvement. I always get different classes which are enjoyable and beneficial. Moreover, the studio is always clean and the equipment is top-notch. I would highly recommend Pilates Dynamics® to anyone looking for a great Pilates experience!”

Centaine Zira


The staff is super friendly. I love the atmosphere. The instructor is really kind. The classes are definitely challenging but in a good way. Definitely recommend”.

Khumo Machoga


“Really happy with the service at Pilates Dynamics. I had mobility and flexibility issues, the one on one classes were what I needed. Highly recommend”

Takudzwa Lawrence Nyamurima


I enjoyed my courses and classes at Pilates Dynamics. They are very welcoming and they are so patient with your progress”.

Khumbo S Phir


“I am an absolute beginner with not the best coordination and terrible balance. I have been gently guided in one-on-one sessions and encouraged in classes no matter how difficult I find it. My body has strengthened far faster than I thought possible. Love my classes and the caring, calm, professional environment.”

Jeanine Kerr


The best Pilates studio I have been to!! Not only am I dropping weight but those Lori Harvey abs are on the way! Both reformer and mat classes are challenging and fun. Small classes to get all the attention you need. HIGHLY RECOMMEND”.

Zoe Rae