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Pilates (In Studio)

Classes incorporate exercises done on the mat, using your own body weight, together with a wide variety of small apparatus.

Yoga (In Studio)

Yoga engages the mind, body & soul on a journey to greater self-awareness. Yoga is form of exercise that is accessible to everyone.

Student Training

Pilates Dynamics is proud to be an affiliate studio of the Pilates Education Institute (PEI) in the US and provides International Pilates Teacher Training

Body Fat Analysis; Weigh & Measure

Methods used are measuring levels of obesity including body mass index, skinfolds, circum-ferences, and bioelectrical impedance analysis.

Orientations/Body Assessment

Through a  body assessments it is possible to determine which areas of the body are under strain and which muscle groups are causing this strain.

Pre/Post Natal Pilates

Pre/Post Natal Pilates is the ideal exercise to make your pregnancy and the birth more comfortable and recover faster.

Kiddies Pilates

Pilates is the ideal form of exercise to develop balanced muscle strength and flexibility in children and teenagers.
Different Types of Pilates


About Pilates Dynamics

Pilates Dynamics® is an exclusive Pilates; Yoga; and Personal Training facility and International Pilates Teacher Training Education Facility.

We have been operating our fully equipped studio for over 15 years offering only the best training experience by very experienced and knowledgeable instructors. We pride ourselves on continuous education to stay abreast of the latest international trends and education around Pilates, Rehabilitation and Movement and in doing so offer our clients and students a world of experience and knowledge. Our pledge is to give our utmost individual attention to our clients with progressive program planning, using all types of equipment (big & small), to reach the goals of our clients.

Different Types of Pilates

Pilates Dynamics® is a world-leader in the field of Pilates Education and our courses are internationally alligned. Our Pilates Teacher Training is very comprehensive and in line with international standards.

What makes Pilates Dynamics different to other studios?

Our groups are small we allow a maximum of 8 people per class. We believe in keeping the classes small in order to make sure each client gets the one-on-one attention they deserve.


Pilates Dynamics is a leader in  client and student training.  Our mission is to provide quality exercise instruction to assist our clients in achieving their fitness goals and for our students to become world class Pilates Instructors.  We use 1st class equipment and only the best trainers and our facility is an ultra-modern, tranquil and professional environment.

Pilates Dynamics offer a rigorous and meticulous Teacher Training program, which is holistic in terms of its presentation. Pilates Dynamics’ student instructors are taught how to observe the biomechanics of the body, offer corrections, and deliver a safe and effective workout in line with the client’s individual needs – with the use of props & equipment.

It is of utmost importance for students to have a working knowledge and understanding of the method. Potential students are advised beforehand to sign up at our studio in order to engage in the method of Pilates and to take up training sessions in order to get students ready for the ‘Harvard’ of the Pilates training world.

Our Brand & Logo

The Yin Yang symbol in our logo represents perfect balance. Seemingly, the whole of the Chinese philosophy stems from the concept of Yin and Yang – with the outer circle representing” everything” whilst the opposite colours in the circle represent the interaction of two energies called Yin & Yang, which causes everything to happen. For example, evil results from an imbalance in Yin and Yang, and good comes from the two being in harmonic balance. They cannot exist without each other.