Exercising is such a personal journey and we all do it for different reasons ranging from weight loss, improving core strength, muscle building, practicing for a race or just to simply get some personal time away from our busy lives.

I started doing Pilates because I wanted to jump on a band wagon but now, I realize that I had so many problems that needed correction and doing Pilates at Pilates Dynamics has helped me with that. My wife and I are both athletes for about 10 years now and we started Pilates about 4 years ago at Pilates Dynamics and I can tell you this was the best decision we ever made as Pilates have aided our bodies to prepare for athletics in so many ways.

Core strength

When we started, we thought we were very fit because of all the weightlifting we did at the Gym, but we quickly realized that we had weak core strength. Having great core strength is important as it helped decrease my back pain. My wife says that her pelvic floor dysfunction has significantly dropped. Big movements come from our core, and it is important to make sure that you have good core strength.


I used to have such bad Posture as I always used to slouch when I sit down. As a young man, my parents always used to tell me to sit up straight but it was not that I did not want to, I just felt like my body did not allow me to. I even started thinking that good posture is something you are born with, but Pilates have shown me something different as in our classes.  Our Instructors at Pilates Dynamics quickly noticed my slouch and incorporated work outs that helped me fix this using their great array of Large Equipment like the Reformer, Towers, Wunda Chair and even some Mat Work with the big and small balls. The way our instructors cued during our sessions was so perfect it became easy for me to correct that bad posture over time and now, it is a thing of the past.

Pilates help to prevent Injuries

Being an athlete means that you are going to injure yourself many times because of all the hours spent at the gym and preparing for competitions. The goal is to make sure you do not get injuries that disqualify you from competing in case of a possible injury.  We quickly learnt that Pilates balances muscles of the body so that they are not too tight and rigid or too loose as this makes the body more vulnerable to injury. Pilates enable your body to stabilize your joints while moving.

It is safe to say that we have learnt a lot from doing Pilates at Pilates Dynamics over the past couple of years. You can also share your Pilates Journey with Pilates Dynamics for weekly uploads so that we all educate others through knowledge from experience – as they say, “Experience is the best teacher”

How do You book Classes at Pilates Dynamics?

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