The Pilates Dynamics Internationally Recognised and Certified Teacher Training Program is led by a group of senior, highly trained instructors with exposure both nationally and internationally.

Our Teacher Training Course
We offer a 100-our Pilates Mat course, a 350-hour Pilates Large Equipment course and a 450-hour Pilates Comprehensive course (Mat and Equipment course combined). Learn Mat Pilates exercises (levels 1, 2 and 3) – classical repertoire and contemporary approaches – as well as how to use the Pilates large equipment (Reformer, Cadillac, Chairs, Towers and Barrels and small props). Our courses also cover Anatomy, Movement Analysis, Faulty Postures, Injury Modifications and the Developing of training programs.

Being versed in both classical and contemporary Pilates will make you a more versatile and adaptable instructor capable of catering to a broader range of clients and integrating a more comprehensive approach to your teaching.

The Pilates Dynamics Training Courses includes the following:-
• Training manuals
• Videos of all the exercises in the manual
• Free Studio availability for practice and observation hours
• Teacher training class trials supervised by a senior Pilates Instructor with feedback
• Quizzes (Tests)
• 2 x Pre-Exam Tutorials
• Final Exam (pass rate of 70%)

Why choose us:
• The lecturers of the courses have been exposed to numerous styles of Pilates and have many years of training and education experience.
• Our courses are in-depth and intensive and at our studio you will be exposed to the integration of a whole host of Small Pilates equipment props including the TRX; Bosu; Wobble Board; Pilates Toning Bars; and the Ballet Barre in addition to the use of the more common Pilates props like the Pilates Foam Roller; Physio Balls; Weighted Balls; Free Weighs; Soft Balls; Pilates Magic Ring; Air Cushions; and Yoga Blocks.
• If you are unable to do any of the courses with groups which are at set dates and times, you can do the course in your private capacity and at times that suit you, depending on our instructor availability.
• Our courses are recognized with REPSSA; the Biokinetics Association; the Physiotherapist Association; and are in line with the PMA requirements.
• We are here to teach you how to teach, not just what to teach, provided you put the time and effort in.

If you are passionate about teaching and movement and you are committed, the world is your oyster.

Our courses will prepare you comprehensively for the International Pilates world.
How do I contact Pilates Dynamics?
For more details on the classes and courses at Pilates Dynamics visit the website or contact us on 011-792 5459 or WhatsApp us on 072 999 2229. You can also email us on