Pilates Classes Near Me

What does a Pilates Class entail?

You can choose between the following 2 types of Pilates Classes:

1) Pilates Mat and Small Equipment and/or

2) Pilates Large Machine / Large Equipment Classes.  Each one offers unique benefits and can be combined to get the most out of your fitness and Pilates workouts.

Pilates workouts can be done either in a Pilates GROUP CLASS format or in a Pilates PRIVATE (ONE-ON-ONE) CLASS format.  In addition to this, you can also form your own private small group class, should you wish to come as a family or with your friends.

Pilates Mat & Small Equipment:

At Pilates Dynamics our Pilates Mat & Small Equipment classes involves doing exercises either on the Mat (using your own body weight) and we will use equipment/small apparatus/props such as:

·         Magic Circles (Rings);

·         Physio (Big) Balls;

·         Small soft balls;

·         Weighted Balls;

·         Medicine Balls;

·         Free Weights;

·         Thera-bands;

·         Glicing Discs;

·         TRX;

·         Kettlebells;

·         Weighted Aerobic Bars;

·         Ballet Barre;

·         Toning Bars;

·         Trampolines; and

·         Foam Rollers

Pilates Large Machine / Large Equipment Classes:

At Pilates Dynamics our Pilates Large Machine classes involves doing exercises on Pilates Machines that works with spring tension, which is adjustable depending on the required strength or flexibility needed.  Any of the small Pilates equipment mentioned above, will also be used in addition to the Pilates Large Machines.  The studio has the following Pilates Large Machines:

·         Pilates Reformers

·         Pilates Cadillacs

·         Pilates Wunda Chairs

·         Pilates Towers

·         Pilates Ladder Barrels

·         Pilates Arc Barrels


What can I expect from a Pilates Class?

Pilates Dynamics

Groups are small.  There is a maximum of 8 people in our Pilates Mat and Small Equipment classes and a maximum of 5 people in our Pilates Large Machine Equipment classes.  You are therefore assured of having our Pilates Instructors’ full attention and care.

Exercises are performed either lying down, seated, on the knees, or standing on the mat/floor or on the Pilates machines.

At Pilates Dynamics classes are never the same and each class is different and full of variety.  The focus is a full body workout, whilst ensuring that the principles of Pilates is adhered too.  Our Pilates workouts are designed to emphasize the correct biomechanics of movement to increase strength, flexibility, stamina, posture and dynamic stability.  Programs are geared for everyone – no experience required!  You will be getting not only the safest and most impacting workout – but will have fun doing it!

The main focus of a Pilates class is in-depth abdominal work.  However, at Pilates Dynamics our programs are written structured in such a way that you get a full body workout.  No workout is ever the same, which prevents boredom.  During the Mat & Small Equipment Classes you can expect a class using the TRX or a Re-bounding class using the trampoline, or a Booty Barre class using the Ballet Barre.  The options are endless.

The Pilates Large Equipment classes will be changed so that you use the Reformer one day and the Pilates Wunda Chair or Pilates Cadillac and Pilates Tower the next day as well as a host of other smaller Pilates equipment which is added to your workout to increase challenge and stability.

Can anyone attend a Pilates Class?

The beauty of Pilates is that any exercise can be modified for beginners, or people with injuries and can also be progressed for advanced clients and/or athletes who are looking for an extreme challenge.

Can I expect to get a cardio workout as well?

The pace of classes can be adjusted to get a cardiovascular endurance workout. Should you choose to do the Mat & Small Equipment Classes, Trampolines (Rebounding classes) are also used which incorporates the principles of Pilates with the added benefit of cardio, without the pressure on your joints.  The TRX is also incorporated to increase the heart rate to provide more cardiovascular health together with all the other benefits and postural health during our Pilates Mat & Small Equipment classes.  Booty Barre or Ballet Barre classes are a hot favourite and will ensure that you get your heart rate up whilst exercising along with funky music and using other equipment like weights.

The pace of classes in our Pilates Large Machine Classes are also adjusted to reap the benefits of cardiovascular health together with all the other strength and postural benefits of Pilates.  The Reformer for instance has a Jump Board which is specifically designed and recruited for cardiovascular work, without the pressure on your joints.  Balancing work with spring tension on a movable platform is a great and challenging favourite on the Pilates Reformer machine.

Reformer bench

How experienced are the Pilates Instructors at Pilates Dynamics?

Our professional Pilates Instructors are all fully qualified and certified both internationally and nationally with many years of experience and with additional formal health and fitness qualifications.  Your safety and goals are our concern.  You will have our full attention, whether you engage in a group class or in a private (one-on-one) class.

How do we sign up?

Look for Pilates Classes Near Me and you will spot the best courses available at Pilates Dynamics.

We can be contacted on 011-792 5459 or 072 999 2229 to book your class or email us on: info@pilatesdynamics.co.za