Is Pilates good for Weight loss and muscle toning?

Well, of course it is.  What you might not know – due to so much attention on cardio for weight loss-is that bodyweight and resistance training exercises like Pilates can also lead to weight loss.

According to a study conducted in 2017 Pilates exercises has a positive effect on the body composition.

Why is Pilates good for weight loss and muscle toning?

Pilates program focuses on strengthening and toning the muscles – so you will burn fat instead of muscles. This can lead to a reduction in waist circumference, tones the belly and hip area, thereby giving you a leaner look.

With Pilates your body’s metabolism rate is improved so that you spend more energy throughout the day than usual. You will notice an improvement in your digestive system as well, which assists with the weight loss process.

Losing weight is the first part and the real challenge comes in when you must maintain the weight. Practicing regular Pilates can help you maintain weight, improve core strength, and build lean muscle mass.

Yes, Pilates burns fewer calories than high-intensity cardio sessions such as running but it still is a  highly beneficial part of your weight loss journey especially when you choose programs that includes cardio, example Pilates Reformer jump board or Pilates mat trampoline (Re-bounding) or a TRX session.  And do not forget the muscle toning aspect.  Pilates – although offering a full body workout – focusses on the core and waistline.

Whether you are primarily sedentary or very busy but not particularly active, it does not matter, a Pilates workout will increase your total calorie expenditure from whatever your baseline is to a few hundred calories above that.

Pilates promotes weight loss by impacting on your overall body composition. Some people who seek to lose weight aren’t necessarily looking to drop kilos, but to redistribute some of their weight and to develop a lean and toned body.

If you were the same weight but are stronger and more toned, would you want to weigh less? Probably not.   You may have heard that muscle weighs more than fat. However, according to science, a pound of muscle and a pound of fat weigh the same. The difference between the two is density.  Two things that weigh the same can be very different in size. A pound of marshmallows is going to take up much more space than a pound of steel.

Two different people who weigh the same amount can look very different when one has a high percentage of fat and the other has a high percentage of muscle. An extra few pounds of fat may give you a softer, less toned appearance. But an equal amount of an extra few pounds of muscle will look firm and sculpted.  Most of us want to develop more lean muscle mass and loose the fat and that is exactly what Pilates focuses on.

How many calories will you burn?

The number of calories you burn during Pilates will depend on factors such as weight, regular class attendance, frequency of class attendance, and its intensity. You’ll burn more calories in any Pilates workout where you elevate your heart rate.

How often should you do Pilates for weight loss and body toning?

Pilates two or three times a week is always a good start and the best option for one to see results. With Pilates, like any workout plan, consistency is key and leads to better results. If you can increase your efforts and do it more often, you’ll burn more calories each week. Try and vary the classes you have for example do a Mat class (with a variety of smaller equipment to accelerate body toning like the TRX; Bosu; Wobble Boards; Air Pillows; Free Weights; Pilates Toning Bar; Rebounding; Pilates Foam Rollers; Pilates Weighted Balls; Pilates Big and Small Balls; and Pilates Magic Ring) and a Large Equipment (Pilates machines like the Pilates Reformer; Pilates Cadillac; Pilates Tower; and Pilates Wunda Chair) class – and in that way you would be burning calories in different ways without getting bored. At Pilates Dynamics we keep this in mind by having packages which allows one to do a variety of Pilates classes in an affordable way.

Pilates and DIET?

What you consume and how much of it plays a role when it comes to losing weight or fat reduction. Maintaining a well-balanced diet and portion control as part of your Pilates regime would lead to better results.

In a nutshell:-

Yes, Pilates is good for weight loss and maintaining your desired weight goal.  Loose that belly fat and join us at Pilates Dynamics.  All you need to do is call in and book an orientation session prior to joining a group class.

How do I contact Pilates Dynamics to book classes?

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