It all started with a 15th birthday gift.

At the age of 15 I started blabbing endlessly about how exercise made me feel and how I had found peace in discovering new forms of exercise, my friends at the time shared no similar interest but they listened.

On my 15th birthday my friend gifted me with a Pilates kit which included a manual, soft ball, mat and a CD. I had no idea what Pilates was at the time but I recall the excitement building up inside me as I anticipated learning a new form of exercise.  I distinctly remember trying the first few exercises and being hooked immediately. I started to notice changes to my physical body appearance such as improved posture, body awareness, and overall strength, and the bonus was that I lost centimeters!

On top of this, I fell in love with the mind-body connection, which kept me completely focused in the session. I started reading more about Pilates and discovered a host of benefits it holds. I recall putting my phone down for a second and thinking “well this is amazing, let’s do it every day”.

I was that girl who would forget to do her homework but never forget my Pilates session.


Like everyone else soon I became preoccupied with other schoolwork.  One week turned into two and we all know how it goes from there. My manual was buried amongst other forgotten books, my soft ball had become a soccer ball and as for my mat – well it made a perfect rag for the cats.

It was in 2019 when I was reminded again about my love for Pilates. During the completion of my Biokinetics Degree, we had a workshop which focused on the benefits of Pilates and ways in which you can use it during rehabilitation.

I rushed home that day and searched high and low for my manual. I started reading every exercise and understanding the exercises even better at this point. That was when my journey in Pilates was reinstated.

Shortly afterwards, I was  presented with an opportunity to complete a Pilates mat course at Pilates Dynamics and went on to work at the studio where I learned that there is so much more to Pilates. I cannot begin to describe the impact Pilates has had on my life.

So that’s how I got into Pilates. I see myself always incorporating Pilates into my life and helping others find an appreciation for it on their own. Pilates is deeper than just the act of movement; it is a great understanding of one’s body from within. It is not just a superficial experience.

I highly recommend anyone to do the Pilates Courses through Pilates Dynamics.  The courses are extensive and offers a great understanding of this great exercise method.  For those who has only done the Pilates Mat work course, Pilates Dynamics offer the Pilates Comprehensive Conversion Course which covers an extensive repertoire on all the Pilates Machines like the Pilates Reformer, Pilates Cadillac, Pilates Chair, Pilates Tower, Pilates Ladder Barrel and Pilates Arc Barrels.  You will also get to learn how to incorporate all the Pilates Small Equipment like the Pilates Balls, Pilates Magic Ring, Ballet Barre, TRX, Bosu, Free Weights, Thera-bands, Foam Rollers, Air Cushions, Aerobic Step Barrels, Rotation Discs and many more.  Once you complete this course, you will be Comprehensively qualified.  The Pilates Comprehensive Conversion Course offers an expansive repertoire of Pilates exercises done on the Pilates Large Machines and covers muscle focus, objectives, exercise variations, recommendations, and contra-indications.

If the Pilates Comprehensive Conversion Course sounds to intimidating, then a good idea will be to do the Pilates Intensive Reformer Course.  The Pilates Intensive Reformer Course offers an expansive repertoire of Reformer Exercises and covers muscle focus, objectives, exercise variations, recommendations, and contra-indications.

You will be supported throughout your Pilates journey by very qualified and experienced Pilates Instructors.  Pilates Dynamics teaches you how to teach and not only what to teach.

So don’t delay and contact Pilates Dynamics on:

011-792 5459 or 072 999 2229 or email Pilates Dynamics on:

There will always be someone ready to take your call and guide you through the process of registering for the courses.