One thing I wish I knew before starting my Pilates Teacher Training

Change is scary. Just thinking about it alone can have anyone shaking in their boots but once you start the process, you become more Intune with yourself, and you become freer to embrace the changes. My journey to becoming a Pilates Instructor taught me so much and when I was asked to write a blog based on my experiences, I knew I had to take this chance and hopefully motivate someone out there.

So, hello, my name is Melissa, and I will be sharing my journey with you in terms of the things I wish I had known from the very first time I started chasing my dreams to be a Pilates Instructor. We all want something quick and efficient but sometimes, it ends up costing you more than you would if you researched and started the right way.

Back in 2018, I fell in love with Pilates after a friend recommended that we do Pilates once a week and just catch up as Private Clients. We enjoyed our sessions but I knew I wanted to pursue this and get a better understanding so I found a course online and I was told in 3 months I would be a qualified instructor. This course was cheap and quick, and I was sold by that information alone. I did the course and I “qualified” and left my day job to pursue Pilates as a qualified Instructor. I struggled for a while because anytime I would go for an Interview, things would not go well, and I did not understand why, because no one ever gave me an explanation.

A few years went by, and I reached out to Pilates Dynamics as a friend had done her qualification there but at the time the price and qualification time differences through my previous qualification institute were significant, that I then opted for the cheaper and quicker route which ended up costing me a lot more than just money.  The first day I entered Pilates Dynamics, I felt the difference from where I had been before. I was showed around, introduced to the equipment and all my questions were answered. I was amazed how quickly the instructor analysed my body, changed the exercises, and allowed me to use different pieces of small equipment and large machines I never had access to before. There was conviction in her voice and no stumbling of the cues and instantly, I knew this investment in myself was going to be the best thing I could do for my struggling career.

Investing in yourself is not about any short cuts. There are so many places out there that offer watered down courses and when you eventually enter a real Pilates Studio, you realize how much there actually is to being a Pilates Instructor. It is best to also work at such a reputable place at first before starting your own business at some point in the future. I decided to make time for my studies, and I was given a full calendar year to finish my course by end November 2021 and now I am a fully qualified Pilates Instructor with the right knowledge and training and feeling so much confident with my Pilates knowledge and Pilates teaching skills.

Now, you may be worried about costs, but the best thing is that Pilates Dynamics offers you a monthly payment plan so that you can start your studies while making your payments. I was so relieved about this and the fact that when I joined, they had a 10% early bird special running – and they have it every year from November to December so if you are interested, I suggest that you contact them ASAP!!!

I remember the days when I was stressed out with a qualification that could not get me a proper job and wondering if my dream to be a Certified Pilates Instructor would ever become a possibility. If I knew then the importance of investing in quality education over something cheap and quick, I promise you, I would have just done right by my dreams the first time around.

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