The Best Pilates Studio Near You

It is that time of the year where our journals are out and we are putting down all the New Year resolutions – you do not have to tell me, I have already guessed that Pilates is at the top of that list.

So let me help you find the best Pilates Studio near year…

You see the thing is, it is not as easy as we think it is. The distance is the least of your concerns what is more concerning is the quality of Pilates being offered.

Pilates Dynamics is calling your name and is ready to help you achieve your New Year Resolution.

Where is Pilates Dynamics located?

Pilates Dynamics is situated in the leafy suburb of Ruiterhof and conveniently next to the main Randburg sports complex. It is close to all major routes making it easy to find and commute.

What kind of environment is it?

Walking into the studio you are welcomed by warmth and fragrances which relaxes your mind making you forget all about the hectic day you might have had at work. We also have a tropical garden which welcomes you with a cooling breeze and green grass all year round. It’s a the definition of tranquility.

The pilates space we offer is safe and secured with indoor and outdoor parking and a security guard to watch over your car as you get on with your session stress free.

Pilates Dynamics

What are the operating hours?

Pilates Dynamics is open Mondays to Saturdays from as early as 6am to 7pm, making it easy for you to find the time that best suits you whether you are a before work or after work type of person- we have got you covered. The studio is closed between 12 noon and 14h30 allowing for housekeeping and sanitization before the next groups.

On Fridays the studio is open between 6am to 12 noon.

If during the week is slightly challenging for you, don’t worry we are open on Saturdays as well between 7am to 12 noon.

What are my class options?

The Pilates workouts can be done either in a Pilates GROUP CLASS format or in a Pilates PRIVATE (ONE-ON-ONE) CLASS format.  In addition to this, you can also form your own PRIVATE SMALL GROUP CLASS, should you wish to come as a family or with your friends.

Equipment available?

You defiantly should not be  worried about getting bored and being on your back for an hour because  at Pilates Dynamics getting bored is impossible. The Pilates you are introduced to each week have a new creative program and props/equipment keeping the classes fun and challenging.

The Pilates studio is fully equipped with Pilates Mat and Small Equipment and/or Pilates Large Machine / Large Equipment Classes which are incorporated in every class depending on which group you are joining (Pilates Mat and Small Equipment or Pilates Large Equipment / machine classes).

Pilates Dynamics 2

Are your Instructors qualified?

The Pilates Instructors are fully qualified and registered with the correct bodies as per requirements. They are certified both internationally and nationally with many years of experience and with additional formal health and fitness qualifications.  Your safety and goals are our concern.  You will have our full attention, whether you engage in a group class or in a private (one-on-one) class.

How are clients treated?

Our client’s health, safety and happiness are our top priority. Clients are treated with respect and care. Quarterly the clients are asked about they experience and to give feedback to the studio which allows us to keep in touch and ensure that all clients are well taken care of.

Clients are contacted if they do not attend 2 classes in the month to ensure their wellbeing in all areas of life.

Pilates Dynamics 3

Can I join classes even if I am a Pilates Beginner?

Most definitely!  We will arrange for a Pilates orientation session for you, which is a Private (ONE-ON-ONE) The Pilates session with an experienced Pilates Instructor who will take you through some of the movements.  You will learn what the Pilates lingo and terms are, as well as the correct posture during the movements and the correct muscle recruitment, so that you are well-versed beforehand and ready for your group class.

Pilates Dynamics 4

Is Pilates for Athletes?

Absolutely!  Pilates is the ideal cross-training exercise method.  Whether you are doing Weightlifting, HIIT (high intensity interval training), Cross-fit, or Dancing, our bodies are used to being exercised in the same repetitive planes, and the goal of Pilates is to strengthen those muscles that usually do not get the attention and will focus on stretching the muscles that are usually over-worked and well as focusing on mobility to increase your range.  Pilates is all about bringing about a balance to the body in terms of strengthening and stretching muscle groups.  This will ensure that you prevent injury.

Will Pilates increase my body awareness?

Yes, another benefit of Pilates is that it encourages you to stay in touch with your body and listen to your body as you build strength.  Other strength training workouts like Weightlifting, Running, Cross-fit, Cricket, Soccer, Rugby, and Cycling, encourages a mentality of pushing your body to its limits.  This means you might not always be listening to your body, making it easier to ignore your body cues.  Pilates kind of re-educates you in terms of being mindful so that you can perform your sports and exercise with the correct posture and movements.

Pilates Dynamics 5

Is it like doing Pilates on a YouTube video?

No, it is not the same thing, being in studio allows for the instructor to correct your posture and movement to ensure injury is prevented. Here at Pilates Dynamics, we place a lot of emphasis on posture and movement correction making sure the client is activating the correct muscles in the correct posture.

That’s not all….

If your New Year resolution is to become a Pilates Instructor , Pilates Dynamics is still the place for you.

Pilates Dynamics offers quality internationally and nationally recognized Pilates courses. The lecturers of the courses have been exposed to numerous styles of Pilates and have many years of training and education experience, with additional formal qualifications in Human Movement.

Are there any Requirements to study the Pilates Courses?

There are no set requirements to join the program, but a background of anatomy is very beneficial to the student.  In addition, it is important to have done Pilates before and to join Pilates Dynamics to do a few classes to familiarize yourself with the method and the style of teaching at Pilates Dynamics.

When doing the Intensive Reformer course or any of the other Pilates Machine courses, the student will be required to have completed a mat Pilates course.

Accreditation and Recognition of the course?

On completion of the course the student will be given a certificate which is Internationally and nationally Recognized.   The courses have been allocated 20 CPD points (Continuous Development Points) by REPSSA.  REPSSA the umbrella of the fitness world and sets an international standard benchmark which runs across the whole of Europe, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, U.A.E., Canada, Belgium, Poland, USA, and South Africa.

What course are offered at Pilates Dynamics?

Pilates Dynamics 6

The course is very in depth and intensive and offer an integration of anatomy, injuries and pathologies with recommendations and contra-indications, modifications and variations of exercises and exercise goals to ensure an understanding of the work.

  • Mat and small equipment course (props available Ballet Barre, TRX, Bosu, Kettlebells, Weights, Balls-big and small, Thera-bands, Foam Rollers, Air Cushions, Arc Barrels, Step Barrels, Toning Bars, Rotation Discs, to name but a few).
  • Intensive reformer course (Basic to Advanced levels)

The course covers the use of a big variety of smaller equipment that can be used with the Pilates Reformer.  A pre-requisite for this course is the Pilates Mat and Small equipment course in 1. Above.

  • Comprehensive Pilates course ( inclusive of the Pilates Mat and Small equipment and Pilates Large Equipment / machines such as the Reformer, Wunda Chair, Towers, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel and Arc Barrels).
  • Comprehensive Conversion course (this is ONLY the Pilates Large Equipment / Machines section covering the Reformer, Wunda Chair, Towers, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel and Arc Barrels. The course requires you to put in effort and work with your lecturers constantly.

A pre-requisite is the Mat & Small Equipment course in 1. Above. Being a great Pilates Instructor is about investing in yourself and your capabilities.

Can I be employed by Pilates Dynamics after completion of a Pilates course?

Pilates Dynamics can offer you employment as a Pilates Instructor, upon completion of your Pilates Course.

Can I find employment overseas as a Pilates Instructor upon completion of a Pilates Course?

Having a quality Pilates qualification to be a Pilates Instructor like the ones offered by Pilates Dynamics, will open the doors for you and will provide you with the ability to go overseas and work anywhere in the world as a top notch and confident Pilates Instructor.

Pilates Dynamics is definitely the best Pilates Studio near you and is ready to help you tick off some of your new year resolutions.

How do I contact Pilates Dynamics?

For more details on the classes and courses at Pilates Dynamics visit the website or contact us on 011-792 5459 or  WhatsApp us on 072 999 2229.  You can also email us on